187 notes
  • Seem to be okay for the purpose. However I cannot use it as it automatically uses the wrong google account and I find no way to change that. Trying to click on another google account simply sends me to the google keep webpage for that account.
  • Davvero ottima, soprattutto utilizzando l'app posso sincornizzare tutti i miei appunti. Consigliata!
  • Ne fonctionne pas chez moi ? J'ai bien google keep dans la barre laterale la connection à mon compte est établie mais rien ne s'affiche ? aucun contenu ?
  • Doesn't show any note on my desktop Firefox. Only showing the top navigation of Keep. I have no idea what went wrong.
  • This is surprisingly much better, and more functional than Google's own Keep extension on Chrome. All Google Keep features are available in it, allowing me to take note when I'm browing without having to go to Keep website.

    Thank you, Baris.
  • Extremely useful. Perfect.