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Disappeared completely when I updated to FF (Palemoon) v20.2. Tried a few tweaks, including reinstalling it, this worked in the past, but no effect so far.

When it worked, it never showed the context menu when viewing a plain image rather than HTML page with an image embedded. Tineye reverse image search works under that condition so it should be doable.

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Stopped working recently - no context menu item shows up for images.Since the "Add to Firefox" button was active here, I clicked it and it installed again without any mention of it being already installed. For a second the context menu activated. And then disappeared again.So I clicked the Add-to button here again, and the context menu works again, briefly.Seems to be self-destructing somehow, although it remains visible in the Add-Ons window.

Re: version - always the latest. Somehow the problem disappeared by itself. Firefox has a life of its own and its good and bad days.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (0.1). 

Which version of Firefox are you on? (You can email me via the contact the dev option.) I can't seem to reproduce this issue.