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  • Sudenly this is taking me to users pages instead of pop ups. notice other conplaining about same issue. What is going on Zusor?
  • When I first got this extension, when I clicked on a tweet it would take me to the users page instead of a popup. Eventually it stopped doing this and I assumed an update fixed it. I had to refresh Firefox today and now Good Twitter is back to going to the users page. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but same results. *Update* I cleared Twitter cookies and now GoodTwitter is good again. :)
  • Great addon to bring back you to the good & old UI twitter. I really love it.

    Recently, I realized that it takes me to each user page when I click a tweet in my TL, thus I have to step back to the previous page and start to read tweets all the way to down from the beggining again. I tried with other similar addons but it happens only when I use GoodTwitter.
  • not working on 69.0.2
  • this is exactly what i was looking for... hate the new "look" of twitter... this gives me back my sanity.
  • Perfect to get rid the new FU (take it or leave it) UI.
  • Thank you for this, I can use Twitter again.
    Just two things though:
    #1 If you click a tweet it goes to the authors page instead of staying on the timeline.
    #2 Video sound is not working correctly, it sounds slow.

    Edit: Confirmed, thank you. Now given 5 stars.
    These are both fixed in the latest version
  • I like being able to return to one of the best Twitter designs, but why does the application ask permission for that:

    ➡➡➡Access your data for sites in the twitter.com domain
    Clear recent browsing history, cookies, and related data
    ➡➡➡Access browser tabs
  • it works well before. 5 stars. it doesn't now by this review edited.
  • The extension is just amazing. Works for all my web browsers. Though from today, for some reason, when at Mozilla Firefox, it doesn't change the interface to the old one, no matter how many times I clear the history (and cache) and press ctrl+r
  • As for 2019.08.23 does work! Requires you to clear the cache. Fixed my paste issue.