32 critiques pour ce module
  • I absolutely love this theme. So much so that I've not upgraded Firefox because it'll be disabled. Although Firefox is soon going to automatically update and I'd be thrilled if this add-on could also be updated to be compatible with the newer version of Firefox.
    Thanks so much for your fantastic add-on.
  • I had been using this theme since 200 days unfortunately i updated firefox to 4.0 in which this theme is incompatible. So i kindly request you to make work with firefox 4
  • I love those icons so much! This is a pretty awesome theme.

    My biggest gripe is that, while the icons look great, they're a bit too big for the toolbar and everything tends to get squished off to the side. Maybe if they were a bit smaller, I'd give it 5 stars.
  • I have used many different themes for Firefox over the years but always ended up back with the NASA one for stability and ease on the eyes. Although the NASA one is good, it is very boring. The God of War theme however is fanatastic.
    The icons for back page , forward page, reload, stop and home are wonderfully done. The little touches like when you hover over the back page icon a blood splatter appears on the sword are very cool. The chains for the scroll bars down the side of the page are an excellent touch , as is the bookmarks section with the picture of Kratos(?)

    What I like about this the most is how neat and uncluttered to the eye it all is while immediately making sense as to what icon does what. So many themes are good ideas poorly executed, resulting in confusing icons or messy themes that cause my brain to bleed, or in other cases just fall asleep. The God Of War theme is one of , if not the, best theme for Firefox at the moment, in my humble opinion. Were it not for my lack of funds and employment I would definitely donate for this one.
  • it looks better when you move your cursor on forwrd/backword/home icons because they shine!!!!!!!
  • very powerful theme...i like this...
  • very stylish, for game fans - must have!
  • This download of course doesn't work. I downloaded the newest version of Firefox. This is a new laptop. This is why I wait before I donate any money. Can you please post or send me a link that works? I would love to have this theme on my browser. Thanks.
    I just tried to download this myself and successfully did so. Please understand that the problem with the few of you not being able to download has nothing to do with this theme, or anything I am in control of for that matter. These things should be addressed by AMO.
  • I don't know what is wrong but it won't let me download. I have the newest Mozilla 3.3.2 i think IDK but i don't know why it won't me download it. Can someone please help me??
  • Can you please help? It won't allow me to download. The button is grey and when I click it a drop down menu appears:"To install this add-on and thousands more, get Firefox, a free and open web browser from Mozilla. Learn more about Firefox or download anyway." HELP!
  • This is the baddest of them all. Thank You
  • ok, mih thay an tuong lam , nhug cac pac oi nho ung ho nhieu nhieu Firefox nha , thank you very mu..
  • Id really like to use this theme...if the icons were reduced to about half size.
  • in my opinion the best theme on here and its updated too unlike most others.
  • awesome!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  • awesome!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  • Epic... Best theme for firefox ever... I love you...
  • Le thème le plus abouti que je connaisse. Et le plus beau aussi, mais ça c'est moins objectif comme avis :-)
  • Stunning, please consider support for Fission as it squishes your beautiful graphics!
  • F icou muito legal parabens pessoal, muito lindo eu adorei tem varias logos do jogo que é perfeito
  • Its seriously perfect when it comes to appearance but i only have two problems with it the right click menus are too boxy and the menu bar and navigation bar backgrounds could be a lot better. Other than that thank for a beautiful theme.
  • it‘s a best design!!!
  • This is cool!!!
    The buttons and tabs look so nice
    great job
  • Version 1.5 excellent improvements , nice job on theme, one problem on firefox 3.6 No full screen button icon present, Full Screen toolbar button not displaying correctly . Solution read "https://forums.addons.mozilla.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=93#p223"
  • The buttons are too big.