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  • Quitan los molestos anuncios que te desconsentran cuando estas viendo algo de importacia esta pura vida

  • Algunas veces percibo que ralentiza las paginas web.

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    Gracias por la respuesta. ¿Puede enviarnos más información? tal vez haya algo que podamos hacer para ayudarlo con su configuración. support@ghostery.com

  • Educate yourself. It's a scam. The manufacturer of Ghostery makes its database available to the advertising industry.

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    Actually not true. We have no ties and the extension is now open-source. You can see for yourself here: https://github.com/ghostery/ghostery-extension/

  • explanations very good. No-fuss, instant download.

  • Aufbau und Arbeitsweise überzeugen.

  • Sends your email address to all its other users

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    More info here: https://www.ghostery.com/blog/ghostery-news/ghostery-email-incident-update/

  • good

  • empêche certains achats par internet (paylib ou payline par exemple) ; je n'ai jamais pu payer ma commande chez nespresso.

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    Salut, Pouvez-vous nous envoyer un peu plus d'info à support@ghostery.com?

  • I've relied on Ghostery for years to give me granular control over trackers. As an online seller, I need to enable certain trackers on certain sites only, so the global blocking offered by other privacy managers doesn't work for me. HOWEVER, I'm having issues with the add-on for Firefox on Android (Nougat on phone; have settings in Lollipop on tablet). It shows me bunches of trackers, some of which are definitely nonessential and are flagged as slowing down the browser, but there is no ghost icon and noplace to access settings so I can block trackers by class or block/trust individually the way I can on my desktop. In addition, I keep getting a Firefox popup on my phone saying that Ghostery's script is unresponsive. So 5 stars for desktop but not so many for phone.

  • Keeps Unsolicited Adds & FACEBOOK Junk out of my computer! Thats a GOOD THING!

  • 欲しくもない、広告が減って快適になりつつある。

  • It's custom options to block and unblock individually is awesome

  • You should definitely use uBlock Origin.
    It's open-source, doesn't sell your data and not part of Cliqz.

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    Hey there. Ghostery is open-source (https://github.com/ghostery/ghostery-extension/) and does not sell data. But yes.. We are owned by Cliqz. Feel free to send us an email to discuss further. support@ghostery.com

  • It's not possible to remove the purple circle in the version for Firefox on Android. The thing is useless and should be off by default anyway. Good add-on otherwise. Unlike ad blockers it blocks both ads and trash scripts that websites are clogged up with, and it does it without using any resources. Speeds up browsing so much it was the only way to use a 2004 laptop for internet. Some people say it sells your data but I couldn't care less about that.

    Edit: What I said was assuming you turned off the new three options "enchanced blocking" and the other two in custom setup. If you blocked the trackers you wanted to block then those options don't serve a purpose and they slow things down.

  • Was a must-have add-on for me, but now after you guys managed to celebrate GDPR by sending out hundreds of e-mails that exposed your users email addresses.

  • Ghostery conflicts with RealViewDigital, which I use to read newspapers daily. It blocks the script that removes the splash screen logo that loads on opening from disappearing, blocking the display of the publication. Disabling the add-on for the paper's site doesn't help.

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    hey there. Thanks for reporting. Can you send us an email to support@ghostery.com so we can help resolve this?

  • The software is good but I don't know how to restore to the default settings.

    元件很好用 但是我不知道如何重置為預設設定.

  • Me encata. Hasta ahora el mejor bloqueador de anuncios que eh encontrado

  • I Love Ghostery it makes me feel safe <3

  • Wenn ich das Add-on in der portablen Version von Firefox installieren möchte wird es als nicht kompatibel registriert. Ich brauche aber die portable Version, da ich bei meinem vom Arbeitgeber gestellten Computer keine administrativen Rechte habe.

  • Love the way how you can choose the way you want your AD Blocker to work... 9/10 I would personally rate this. Use to use UBlock Origin now have moved on to Ghostery!

  • Une extension faite par des branques, c.f. l'échec monstrueux d'envoi de mails en copie visible à tous les utilisateurs.
    En plus de ça, l'extension envoie des informations à chaque ouverture du navigateur :
    Il n'y a strictement aucune raison de ne pas utiliser uBlock à la place, qui en plus fait bloqueur de publicités.
    C'est étonnant que Mozilla mette une telle extension en avant.

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    Ces liens sont actuellement vieux et obsolètes. Nous ne sommes plus associés à Evidon.
    Ghostrank ne fait plus parti de nos option depuis un moment.
    Quant a la requette http://cmp-cdn.ghostery.com ce n'est que les notifications de mise a jours et les A/B tests qui sont en cours. Les notifications peuvent etre disactiver dans les options de notifications.
    Si vous souhaitez obtenir de l'aide, n'hésitez pas à contacter notre equipe de soutien à

  • Can't download it because it says because of a connection failure. Seems to be a common problem with firefox. Seems like they would have fixed it by now since alot of people can't download any add ons because of it.

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    Hey there.. can you send us an email to support@ghostery.com so we can help out? let us know which version of Firefox you are running. Thanks!

  • try