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Wonderful. One click on the icon, no matter what tab I'm on , and GDrive Panel opens up an overlay with my Google Drive. I simply locate the document I want, and off I go. The panel is a fully-functional Google Drive page, including preview and link sharing functions. Great!

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Rapide, simple et efficace !

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Hi, this addon is useful. I use also you gmail and calendar panels addon's.
But is there a way to use multi Google accounts with these addons ?

Hi and thanks for trying my addon!

What the add-on does is simply to load the URL into the panel. Everything what happens inside the panel, is the same as a normal Firefox tab.

So if you're logged into a Google Account...the add-on uses the same account.

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Gostaria que permitisse no caso dos Googles, escolhermos uma "página inicial" por ex. Marcados com Estrela, ou "Mais acessados", ou.. uma determinada pasta...

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10 puntos

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Very useful!
Great add-on and developer :)

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good extension doesn't need to be big-sized :)
small and brilliant. thanks.
right-click menu works fine, btw.

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This developer does good work. I use both his GDrive Panel and his GMail panel. Both handy and very useful.

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Great addon, thanks

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would be great if you could use a different google account than the one you're currently logged in without having to log out.
Great addon otherwise !

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A really great tool!

But for some reason it stopped working. Hope it will be fixed soon.

Update: Now it works again, thank you for fixing! :)

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Thanks for using my addon and the review!
Some users (including me) are experimenting in other similar addons randomly that when you open the panel it is empty. This is easily "fixed" by hiding/showing the panel toolbar.

Please, let me know if is this what happens to you.
If not, can you explain a little more the issue? May be some screenshots could be useful (send me an email to alejandrosbrizuela[at]

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Nicely done, thank you for your time : )

It seems that some functions of Gdrive when accessed in your panel, e.g. download, open Gdrive in a browser window. Is this a limitation?

Uploads on the other hand can be done entirely in the panel.

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Hi....and thanks for the review!
Yes, this is a limitation because there are some actions that GDrive opens a new tab. In those cases the behavior is the same.