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  • Hey I love the extension but I’ve got two requests for it. Could you add an option to save the files in reverse order? That would make them appear chronologically in the download folder. Also, add an option to save somebody’s entire gallery? Scraps+Submissions, in forwards or reverse order.

    Thanks a bunch ;D

  • This extension is amazing but now it doesn't work. FA changes layout and the extension fail :(

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    thanks for your review.

    Can you please get in touch with me on Furaffinity. Because I was testing both my Furaffinity-addons only a couple of hours ago after the layout-changes, and for me they were working normally.


  • It was working great before but as of today, FA has update their layout and it doesn't work anymore. Support for new beta UI would be great too :)

    Hope you'll fix this soon. Thx!

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    Hello and thanks for your feedback!

    I cannot reproduce that - for me the addon works like it should.
    Can you please contact me on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/MartinRJ

  • Works like a charm just make sure you allow third party cookies :)

  • It works. Even if it's a single-page of image saving, I can live with that. But there is one horrible flaw. It doesn't save every image in a page.Alright, so I tested this out 3 times, and it seems a familiar flaw seems to be popping up.I created 1 folder, and decided to dump a basic 60-pic gallery page. The page itself has 3 stories, so I expect 58 files, including the "stories" file.What I got instead was around 30 pictures saved, and the stories file. Within an hour, it got to around 40, and after another hour, it didn't rise at all. I tried clicking the download again, and it got up to 50 pics now. But still, not all images are saved. Another click gets it to around 53 pics, and it stays there.Tried this again with the next page using another folder, and the same progression is seen. Requiring multiple clicks to save the whole thing, and it doesn't even save all images, causing a few images to be left out. Clicking again and again doesn't change a thing.Just to be sure, I tried it a third time. Same thing happened.The fact that this add-on actually works is great and all, but even under the per-page restriction, it doesn't perform optimally. That's something that needs improving.

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    Hello,I'm sorry that you are having these problems.I never had troubles like that myself, and I use the addon regularly - with Windows XP and Windows 8, I think this could be due to a restriction of your browser or internet - connection.Some browsers cannot download more than 4 files at the same time, and other browsers like Firefox will stop downloading when you close the browser window.Also it could be due to some server overload on the Furaffinity-website, or the downloads could get interrupted by a antivirus or firewall software on your computer / or in your local network.If you're trying to download the files too fast, Furaffinity will block the downloads (FA allows only downloading of 5 files at the same time, as far as I've encountered).If you're on a high-speed internet connection, let me know, then I could maybe easily modify the addon to add a slight delay between the downloads, so that FA doesn't block you.
    ETA: I think it's also possible that some other Firefox addons are interrupting the download, but that's only a very wild shot.

  • This addon works fairly well, but I've noticed that it doesn't catch all of the submissions on a page. I have to repeat the process two or three times per gallery page before it gets all of the submissions. Also, auto-creation of folders by artist would be nice. (I.E. an option to select a main "artists" folder and the addon creates subfolders for each artist.
    EDIT: What I mean by not catching all files is that 5 minutes later, there are no new files being downloaded, with some of the files being absent from the folder. Essentially the number of images on the gallery page does not match up with the number of files in the folder.

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    Hello,you have to wait for all downloads to be received in your chosen folder. You don't need to use the download-function twice. Just be patient, refresh your folder, and watch the images and flash-files dropping in :)
    ETA: The downloader can only download images and swf files. Lots of the submissions-thumbnails are linking to stories (text) or music, which the downloader doesn't attempt to download.
    Please contact me on FA if you believe there is a bug. Thank you: )

  • The perfect helper for browsing furaffinity and saving gallerys.
    Saved me loads of time.