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I want to report a bug:
after installing FoxTrick in firefox, it work good for hattrick website but it also affect other websites too, for example websites with right-to-left languages (Persian or Arabic) after installing FoxTrick became left-to-right.
you can see the following picture that i captured from a right-to-left website that show the bad effect of FoxTrick on it:
if you don't recognize the problem in this site (because you are unfamiliar with persian language) you can open following website with firefox two times, one time with FoxTrick enabled and another one with FoxTrick disabled, to see the difference.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (0.8.1-signed).  Cet utilisateur a une revue précédente sur ce module.

see ingame reponse. will be fixed in the next version, meanwhile it should be fine if ingame also an left-to-right language is used