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I am at a loss to understand why the author doesn't make this Add-on compatible with Firefox 35+ by simply adding these 3 lines. Copy-paste this into your Firefox profile's \CHROME\userContent.css file:

@namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain(""){
#theater-background { display:none !important;}}

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not all flash are block

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Depuis le début je l'utilise et elle est magique cette extension, fait le travail parfaitement !

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Sorry for leaving a bug report as a comment, but the mailing lists linked in the description are dead. I recently updated Firefox to the latest version and now clicking the F on a youtube vid itself does not work. It does, however, work on embedded youtube vids on other pages.

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I am sad to say this does not work with Firefox 35.0.1

Doesn't work. Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Clicking the f doesn't work any more.

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Flash Block is not working on youtube for me in FF35. If I click on f button it will not play the video.

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FB not working for me on youtube, just see F button on videos. nothing hapens when i click.

Using Firefox 34

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adblockplus "préférence de filtre"
perso dans "règles d'exception" je fais "ajouter un filtre" dans "filtres personnalisés"
et j'y recopie ce qui suit
et ça suffit

? Read first before posting. Two fixes exist. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Simply search Google for "Fix For Firefox Flashblock And Youtube Click Problem", include the Quotation Marks, and you got your fix and another too. I initially did the past fix, and then did the better fix and uninstalled Adblock and just kept Flashblock. I also do not have a problem with Netflix when using Netflix, but I do have Netflix on Flashblock whitelist of options. Maybe because I am not using the latest version of Firefox.

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Youtube etc FIXED!!!!!!!!!!! Read Me!! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

If you are reading this, I commend you for not just complaining in a review because you'll now learn of the fixes purposed earlier this month that actually work. Flashblock is not broken!! Youtube etc have started using invisible overlays. Flashblock is not the issue. Please do not post a thank you or anything else so that this post can stay on the first page as long as possible.

Look at the reviews from January 12 and 13 to learn of 3 fixes:
only need to do once - Remove it Permanently add-on
need to do on every page load - Nuke Anything Enhanced add-on
moves the overlay by adding coding - AdBlock add-on

I wish Mozilla could pin certain posts to the top or have a voting system, but until the dev specifically puts the fix info in the description I have no choice but to reiterate info since people just don't read and post complaining crap that moves the fixes off the first page and thus become "unseen." If you read this far, thank you for not being dumb and again please do not post a thank you or anything so that this post can stay on the first page as long as possible.

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Used to love this add on but YouTube/Netflix bug is a deal breaker for me. Comment from "argh" indicates easy step by step directions to fix without using Ad Blocker. I couldn't find them... So I've switched to Safari and the "ClickToFlash" add on until Flashblocker fixes this issue. Sad to leave, but I cannot tolerate videos playing automatically or not at all.

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Not sure why but this addon does block Flash like it's supposed to however I was under the impression that I'd be able to click on the icon to play the flash when I want to. this doesn't work for me. The flash button doesn't appear to be clickable and therefore I can't watch any flash unless I whitelist the site.

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This is a really useful addon most of the time, but currently I have to keep it disabled. The YouTube bug doesn't bother me because I kept YouTube whitelisted anyway, but the current version stops Netflix playback from working too, even if Netflix is whitelisted and Flashblock is disabled via the toolbar icon. You have to disable the whole extension via the addons menu to make Netflix play. I got tired of rebooting Firefox to disable/re-enable it, so it's just staying disabled for now until there's a fix.

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The same darn repeat posts over and over. We got it! We do NOT want the/your Ad Blocker extension! This is not a review or a forum for Ad Block or ADP or similar. ADP posts were interesting at first, but enough is enough. Ad Blocker is NOT NEEDED to fix this. The same people repeatedly post or the same thing or similar keeps getting re-posted to get us to use AdBlock or an Ad Blocker. I and others do NOT want the ad blocker, and enough people have posted the same info already. Just want Flashblock. So stop! Flashblock does the job fine and takes care of blocking all by itself fine. There is already a solution listed below by at least 3 people, and even a complete step by step instructions, "How-To Fix for Flashblock ....", without any usage of ADP or any ad blocker, so please STOP posting the unwanted info for 3rd party ad blockers. I am sure everyone has understood it by now. No need to keep regurgitating the same information repeatedly. As a developer I got bothered by the increasing clutter, and had to post my two cents. If people want to use the ADP, they will find the info as they scroll down, and there is no need to repeat post about it. Regardless if the poster is under the same username or a newly made one. Since I also moderate, I know a little more than most about the tricks that can be involved.

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Very nice add-on with good functionality. A shame about the recent bug on YouTube.

It can be easily fixed by creating the file /[Firefox profile directory]/chrome/userContent.css with the content "#theater-background {display:none}" and then restarting Firefox :)

Flashblock YouTube FIX Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

A fuller explanation of ahmadmaher fuller explanation of Glenoaks' Adblock solution Rated 5 out of 5 stars

1. Make sure you have Adblock (Plus) installed.
2. Click on ABP drop-down list, then Filter preferences.
3. Click on Custom filters tab, Add filter group, Actions, "Show/hide filters" then click Add filter.
4. Add the following rule all on one line:
then, click Add filter.
5. The rule should be enabled by default.
6. Enjoy (you may need to reload your YT page).

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What does Daniel_100 mean by "Just add "" to the element hiding list :)" ?? I don't see any "element hiding list" when I look at FB options or filters.
FB not working for me on youtube, just see F button on videos. Using Firefox 35.0

Great add-on. Manual fix of Youtube-problem.. Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Love this Add-on. Keeps even the resource usage low that are caused by Flash.
You can fix the Youtube-problem with AdBlock Plus..
Just add "" to the element hiding list :)

Click-to-View Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Up until recently I have been able to use Flashblock to block YouTube videos until I click to view. Unfortunately this is no longer the case - I now have to use the 'Allow Flash from This Site' option in order to view a video.

I understand a lot of this has to do with changes made by YouTube. I just hope this 'issue' could taken into account as I find the Click-to-play option really useful.

Otherwise this is very good Extension/ADD-ON