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There is an option in the settings whether to check the source of the object for whitelist entries.

Now there are two cases where this setting should apply:

1. The setting is enabled, the source website is not in the whitelist but the embedding website is. Expectation: The addon blocks the flash object. Reality: It does just that.

2. The setting is disabled (!), the source website is in the whitelist, the embedding website is not. Expectation: The addon blocks the flash object (because according to the phrasing of the setting it should ignore the fact that the source website is in the whitelist). Reality: The object is not blocked and loads immediately.

Logically this should not happen, and since I installed this addon to block third party embedded objects regardless whether the source site is blocked or not this is a deal breaker for me.

Apart from that I love the functionality of this addon. It would be great if you could implement another setting for how the addon behaves when the source site is whitelisted but the embedding site is blocked, because there seems to be currently no way to have the object blocked in that case.

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