78 critiques pour ce module
  • Greatest blocker of annoying autostarted videos and HTML5 ADs, flickering on every site!

    One thing! CPM and CPC Banner Advertising is still washing my brain!!!
    (And my CPU resources).
  • pls update for FF57!!!
  • It was really useful. Please make it compatible with Firefox 57.
    In any case, if someone knows a replacement, please share it here.
  • Es bueno pero no compatible con la última versión... :´(
    Not compatible with Firefox Quantum
  • Now I enjoy live stream tv from Dutch Public Broadcast

    Thank you.
  • Seems to work on most YouTube videos--but it will not work on one (http://support-us.samsung.com/spsn/main.jsp) and I don't know how many others. I often have to return to this Samsung page. The only support the developer offers is via Mozilla Discourse--but my inquiry there was rejected with the inscrutable message, "The category you sent this email to only allows replies from users with valid accounts and known email addresses. If you believe this is an error, contact a staff member." The rejection linked to a list of staff members--with *no way* to reach any of them! I have a working account with Mozilla Discourse, and must have a "known email address," as that's where I received the rejection of my inquiry. Very strange indeed.
  • will this be 57+ ready also it seems you tube allows flash not work
  • I have been updating Firefox every time a new version comes out. The last Firefox version this flash blocker worked with was 49.0.1. Starting with version 49.0.2 this flash blocker messes up the video playback so that you get an 'error' when trying to play youtube videos.
  • good job!
  • 1. it does not handle most anything on youtube properly.
    the only work around is to disable or reload the page and click on the enable button very quickly.

    2. it will not stop anything from:
  • mozilla screwed their signatures up, the one in 2.1.4 is expired as a result.
  • Exactly the same bug report than the details given by Bob Smith a few reviews down
  • It has worked almost everywhere for me, and it stops both flash and html5 videos from autoplaying. Along with an adblocker, essential these days.
  • http://www.sfgate.com/news/science/article/Officials-More-than-40-percent-of-California-out-10852763.php

    Great add-on but a few sites are starting beginning to not work anymore.
  • it's can't work in http://news.qq.com/a/20161123/019878.htm
  • (Perfect replacement: "Disable HTML5 Autoplay"
    You'll need to run it in parallel with some other Flash manager if your system is not HTML5-only.)

    Blocking is OK with FC and Mozilla 50.0.x, but...

    Click the orange V shield and "An error occurred. Please try again later."

    To see the YouTube vid, one must select disable from the toolbar button.

    Tweaking settings in Config or adding exception to youtube.com - no fix.

    Also no e10s/Electrolysis/multiprocess support tho setting browser.tabs.remote.autostart to false is no fix.

    No updates since February 2016.

    No activity in blueskyy's mozilla-community discourse since May.

    One must assume this add-on support/development is abandoned.
  • Great
  • Great app. Blocks autoplay for news sites like CNN and USA Today.
  • Only what i wont to say is work well on my Firefox,thanks a lot !
  • any chance to see this extension ported to multiprocess in a near future?

    Cant rate it higher at the moment because the difference between multiprocess and single process firefox is huge in my case.
  • On global destinations (Facebook, youtube) works like charm. However, it fails on local sites. It is not able to cover all the code cases there are in the world. And i am in the wrong part of it.
  • It stops autoplay on youtube but the video still buffer in the background... imagin openin 20+ youtube links with all buffering in the background at the same time. 3/5 Can't give more because of the buffering.
  • Although Flash Control does seem to block flash it does not honor the whitelist so I always have to click 2 icons (a V and an F) to get the site to work. Not sure why 2 icons. I am currently using v2.1.4. It used to work well. Hope they fix it soon.
  • After the February 14th Update flash blocker stopped working. I'm sure this is a temporary issue. An excellent tool to have otherwise.
  • After installing 2.1.3 Flash Control didn't block videos any more.
    I found the older version. I downgraded to 2.0.7, this solved my problem. Now it works again in my FF 43!
    Useful add-on.