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  • seems useful for me

  • Yeahhh, it´s really good add-on, I recommend it !!! Thanks for this....

  • мля, наконец то млять нашел...
    а тема вообще рульная!!!! гы....

  • i love it. It saves big time. More easy to use it. Plenty of options. As a developer i have to say its awesome.

  • This is a must have add-on!
    It does what it says, nothing more or less.

  • Doing several of the same rocker gesture in a row doesn't work if you for example; hold down the right mouse button and click the left three times, you one go back one step in history.

  • 有些页面点下右键好几次才感应,或者先点左键再右键才好使!

  • 终于能在3.5上用了,不错呀!

  • De lo mejor

  • one of the most important &
    convenient add-ons in my daily use.but i can't install it on firefox 3.5.GO GO GO!

  • Please make it ready for Firefox 3.5!
    It's one of my favourite Add-ons!

  • So convenient. Easy to use. In my top 5 fav add-ons.

  • very good

  • 请快快更新到兼容3.5beta4...

  • If you make this, gestures do not started on the images that are not links, are not started on the text, are not started on the scroll bar, then you make a perfect addon!!!

  • With all my due respect to the developer of all-in-one-gestures and that extension, which I've been using for ages and made me a lot more productive, this implementation seems to be more (I mean a lot more) responsive, so I made the change and I'm happy with it.

    However when uninstalling AIOG, you are likely to get left alone without scrolling. I'm not sure, but probably the general.autoScroll parameter got switched off when installing AIOG, and was not set back when uninstalling it.

    So if you can't scroll by pressing the wheel on your mouse (3rd mouse button), and you know how to deal with about:config, go and set general.autoScroll to true.

    Hint to Gomita: you might want to make this configurable from the firegestures options.

  • Amazingly responsive. I agree with previous reviewers on FireGestures. It really changed the way I use firefox. Was easy to learn and A+ in value delivered.

  • I love Fire Gestures...since going to 3.5 beta (the latest)...I've been hurting without it. Always find myself right clicking and bring up a menu instead of navigating with a gesture. Please Update!!

  • This add on is absolutely amazing - really changes how I used Firefox.
    However, you cant use it on some sites - mainly flash or java sites. For example, if you try to use it on top of a youtube video, it won't work - you need to move the mouse to the side of the video, outside of that application. Other than that, its great.

  • very good!

  • plz update to fit 3.5beta4

  • Absolutely essential. Never had a slightest problem with it. Works smoothly with all the latest betas and nightlies.

  • Goodbye All-in-One Gestures and hello FireGestures.
    After only two days of use I am delighted with the switch. This extension is far more responsive that AIO and I'm 100% satisfied with the change.

  • Very good add-on, however, is there any way to save the settings so you do not have to optimize it every time you install it?

  • somehow firegestures now suppreses the context menu on mac version of firefox 3.5b4 (build 1 candidate) and onward branch and trunk build since 20090425.

    I imagine this is a firefox bug, but Im not sure if mozilla will do anything about this since this is probably caused by landing fixes to other bugs.

    Im also not sure if it affect windows version, I will test later.