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I've used FirefTP for years for FTP, and it works good. It lists SFTP as a feature. I told people it had SFTP, when they couldn't make it work I figured they just did something wrong. Today, while setting up a new Windows 7 machine, I had to use SFTP. It didn't work. Too many authentication failures it said. I doubted that very much. I downloaded Filezilla, a program I had never used before, and it connected instantly. Installed WinSCP set it up for SFTP, and tried it. Connected instantly. Turned off the firewall and tried FireFTP again. Same error.

I also don't like it that it keeps trying to connect every 10 seconds until the server blacklists you. There is not way to stop it. The old one doesn't do that. Disconnect doesn't work, abort doesn't work. You have to close the tab to get out of it. If that's the new default, it loses another vote.

Next I went back to my old XP machine where I had been using FireFTP for years.. Same 2.04 version. I set up SFTP there as well. Didn't work there either, but at least it didn't keep trying to make a connection after it failed.

Due to the work-from-anywhere culture we live in, it's not healthy to work with unencrypted connections at public hotspots. If you must manually distribute keys etc. to make it work, from any practical viewpoint, it has no SFTP.. This is for FTP only

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Sorry you're having issues with the SFTP. If you have the time can you report the authentication bug on http://fireftp.mozdev.org/developers.html or send me an email at mimecuvalo@gmail.com with debug information turned on (tools->options->interface->show debug info). This will help me figure out the issue for future users!

I'm not sure about the disconnect/abort not working - can't reproduce that...but I'll keep trying to see if I can get the error to happen on my machines.

Thanks for the feedback!