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  • super!
  • I would love to install this addon on firefox 18
  • This was a fantastic add-on. Please update for use with FF4.
  • a versao 3.5.6 nao da pra colocar esse plugin FFClickOnce 0.8???

    entao queria saber que versao ou qual plugin tenho que colocar

    mais para jogar no 2df logico !!!!
  • Just what is this supposed to do?
  • This is such a great add-on -- especially for genealogy pages. Please can we get this one updated? or if someone can help with the update?
  • above is a post by marcus.schmid. he gives instructions on how to work around.

    i'm getting this error.

    Firefox could not install the file at


    because: Install script not found
  • Please update this to work with Firefox 3.5.3! This is a great addon, as far as I can see, and I do not want any addon that is installed without my knowledge AND approval, so I definitely choose this one. However, it is hard to use this addon if it is not compatible with the current version of Firefox. :(
  • For those who are not satisfied with the addon pushed by Microsoft, you may share your experience on this page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9449

    Please do not rate down this addon because of Microsoft's unfriendly act. They are not linked to each other.

    Really do not hope the effort of those most respectful addon developers are affected by the bad tactics used by a corporation.

    BTW, the security concern is another issue to be considered for addon installation.
  • The security issues of MS software aren't the add-on author's fault, so don't knock the extension for that. If you need to run .NET in FF for some reason (like your work requires it), this add-on is a much better alternative to the MS drive-by install add-on (.Net Assistant) that's force-fed on you with the MS .Net 3.5 patch.
  • some users are confusing this the optional third party addon with microsoft net framework assistant which is the official microsoft addon that ms is stealth installing into firefox when you run windows update, at least this one gives you the choice. i give this 3 stars since the benefits of clickonce have some obvious security complications
  • This nonsense is why I dropped IE; why would I want to enable drive-by installations on Firefox?
  • This is ridiculous. Neither Microsoft or anyone else should be able to add a plugin to Firefox without asking for permission first, and it should NEVER restrict users from removing it. When will Microsoft learn that they cannot bully computer users whenever they want?
  • Very usefull add-on, spares me IE
  • MS modified a 3rd party application, and doesn't allow me to uninstall it via the standard means.
    This plugin should be removed from mozilla.org

    1 start, as it doesn't allow me to select 0
  • Microsoft installed this add-on without my permission and deliberately made it impossible to uninstall it. If someone spray-painted graffiti on my house without my permission, using paint that's impossible to remove, they would be arrested. This is just the same, vandalism plain and simple.
  • Sorry, all you excited apps developers, but any add-on that is inserted by Microsoft WITHOUT THE OWNER'S PERMISSION and which is not removable within Firefox itself is effectively illegal spyware and should be treated as such by the authorities.

  • Note that there are several "reviews" on this page that are directing unsuspecting users to a well known hacker site that is known to be used by organized crime. There is no need to download the plugin from some unknown page. The download is right here on this page.
  • A great extension. Highly reccomended.
  • Included in .NET 3.5 SP1 (released on 8/11/2008) is a ClickOnce plug-in for Firefox. It is automatically installed into FireFox add-ons (named Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant). So, if you're using .NET 3.5 SP1, there is no more use for FFClickOnce. I don't know if it works with Firefox 2, but it definitely works with Firefox 3.
  • If the author says its compatible with FF3, then there should not be anyone posting offsite links to modded versions. Beware of the links provided by users that reside on sites that are notoriously for warez and virus/trojan infested programs. If someone can integrate on a DOM level with your browser, there is no limit to how hard they can screw you with it. If you ever find something that is not "compatible" because the author didn't increment the version but you know it works with your version (Compatible with FF3 will also works with FF3.x.x even if the author doesn't say so) then open up the XPI using Winzip or Winrar (its nothing more than a zip file) and then extract the file install.rdp and open it using Notepad/Wordpad (its nothing but a text file) and go to Max Version section and change to 3.* and save the file. Then replace the file inside the XPI with this one and then open the XPI in Firefox and install it. Don't trust outside mods that can have more than you bargained for, take it from a programmer of more than 15 years and a good Samaritan.
  • Not great. Something wrong with this page. I can't download this add on.
  • Until the author creates a new version of the package for FF3, you can help yourself with this workaround:

    Download the addon's .XPI file (when using this addon site I had to disable javascript to prohibit the download button to vanish).

    Use a UNZIP program to extract the files in the .XPI file.

    Use an editor on the file "install.rdf" to change the line reading "2.0.0.*" to "3.*".

    Use a ZIP program to store all the files (including the modified install.rdf) again; rename the .ZIP file to .XPI

    There you have a working ClickOnce addon :)
  • ClickOnce is vital for us, please please please make a version for Firefox 3. ASAP.

    regards Julian