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  • Really nice. Works as it should.
    Hi and thanks for review!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Nice lightweight addon! I repeat and agree with the previous fellow's comment, it needs a manual mode to be perfect, with context option "Suspend now" and the option to suspend all inactive tabs by clicking the addon's icon in tool-bar on the upper right corner.
    Plus, it would be nice if there was an option for suspended tabs to show this exact fox art, saying that it's suspended and if we'd like to click to refresh it! It would great!
    Last but not least, if we could know somehow that the tab is suspended without the need to choose it. Either by changing the font's color or by placing a mini badge on the tab (i.e. this mini-foxy) which will show that the tab is suspended.
    Thanks for the addon anyway!
    Hi, thanks for great review!
    Thanks for a bunch of great ideas!
    Some features that you mentioned are on the way but please be patient - solo development process is unfortunately very slow.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Works really great! And the logo is pleasing and cute!
    Hi, thanks for your review!
    Logo is made by very talented artist!
    You can check her other works at: https://melaniafurmaniak.wixsite.com/chilling-glow

    Best Regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Спасибо!
    Хорошо бы было добавить метки на выгруженных вкладках, если несложно
    Hi, thanks for review!

    This feature is already available!
    Best Regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Excellent. It works nice with Containers add-on. But it may be great if it will have a functionality for manual tab suspending.
    Hi 14546749!
    Thanks for your review!
    Tab suspender is my 'after work' project so progress is not very fast, but functionality that you mentioned is on the way!

    Manual tab suspending is available now!
    Next update brings more manual suspending options!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Убедился еще раз - очень плохо не работает с гуглом!! Грузит браузер. Виснут окна. Полезность приложения минимальна.
    Hi ef430b,
    Are you sure that you reviewed right extension?
    It's impossible that there are no updates for year, because I published the extension something about a month ago.
    Also last update was published ~three days ago.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Hello again,
    it improved, now it gets ***** great!
    But as usual, one more thing:
    Please increase the possible time limit to a higher value (now 60 s), to e.g. 600 s ore even more.
    Hi tplaccnt and thanks for review and reporting bug!
    Version 2.0.0 is first release version with base and limited set of features.
    In near future you can expect a lot of new functionalities that are missing now.
    Despite this, my priority is to deliver piece of software that works well and doesn't make any troubles for users.
    You can be sure that in the next version this bug won't exist anymore.

    Michalewicz Piotr