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Is it possible to create the application (outside brouser) that gets as inputs BrauserSetup.exe and FEBE BackUp directory and installs the brouser? I mean - full restore from scratch?
Thank you
My previous comment was dissapeared and I restore it:
So far I'm positively shocked.
About a month ago my FF became crazy and I was forced to uninstall it and then to install from scratch.
It took few days to prepare the list of addons to install, + few days to install + few days to customize. Totally I had more then week headache and was very sad.
Now it took 3.5 sec to backup and in rained days when I'll be forced to reinstall FF from scratch as minimum I have the list of needed addons. Even if I'd fail to restore full my profile, I'll save a lot of time and nerves. I don't understand how it is possible to give one star for such miracle...

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