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hi telega,

I'm using fastdial almost 3 years, It's so powerful that I cannot use firefox without it. I think fastdial is the most powerful add-on in the dial home page field in firefox platform.

But it seems that there isn't good improvement recently. As a user, or fan of fastdial, I have an advise for it. I think fast dial should improve the sync function in the future. all the bookmarks of fastdial are stored in the firefox bookmark which can work with official sync function of firefox. But the fastdial settings and logos cannot sync with that, that's a big problem when you config all the logos and settings for fastdial, when you change a computer, nothing changes.

I have an idea, I'm not software enginner so I don't know if it's work or not:
because all the fastdial data is stored in firefox bookmark. If you check the property of a firefox bookmark, you will see that one bookmark contains five blocks: name, lacation, label, keywords and description. Most time, just name and location are been used. For fastdial, we need the other location: for logos on we can use the description block in the firefox bookmark to store the logos location actually. The same thing for the folders in firefox bookmark, we can use the description block of the folders to store the setting paremeters.

This is my personal idea on fastdial. Thanks very much for your work on fastdial.

Best Regards,

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Hi Xiaojun.
For logos on you can simply use logo URL to paste it into the "Logo" input box. Such way when you sync bookmarks on another computer, your logos will get automatically downloaded.