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  • It does NOT work. It installs. It shows up as an installed add-on. It has the option to turn it on or off but it doesn't mean anything. It needs to be updated. And when it is updated, it does not need access to my contacts or personal data. IT DOES NOT WORK but it used to and it was cool then.
  • Ok
  • OK. Think this works in FB. What I want to do is mark a post in Facebook to return to later. Anyone know of sth that does this??? Brian
  • Doesn't work for me neither. I don't even see it anywhere on the screen. I've used it, or similar in Chrome, and it worked well. But then Chrome got muddy, sound sucked, and then it stopped working altogether. I like FireFox, but hoped the Chrome extensions I had worked here as well. I guess I'll have to find something else, or check back now and then to see if this one gets fixed. Enjoy!
  • Doesn't work.
  • Hi

    I've used it in Firefox 24, which worked well, but the new Firefox 25 and 26 not working anymore!
    Plug performs well but when I click on it nothing happens!
    (Sorry for my bad english !!!)

    Thank you
  • Há algum tempo estava procurando uma solução como essa. Agora falta apenas adicionar também a opção de recomendar.

    Some time ago I was looking for a solution like this. Now what remains is to add also the option to recommend.
  • Great addon, and once 1.0.3 hits it'll be even better. Having proper toolbar & addon-bar support means it even works with Minimize Addon-Bar.
  • Muy practico paro los que publicamos cosas a diario en Facebook lo uso bastante, pero no puedo en usarlo en la version 8 porque no es compatible todavia. Es muy bueno para compartir Noticias y paginas de contenido!. ¡La verdad quiero que siga disponible para la versión 8 del navegador!
  • !!!WARNING!!! Horrible App. Decided I did not "Like the" Add-On, so I attempted to uninstall it. Ever since that I get an Uninstall tab for Like The Page popping up when I open Firefox. I have tried several things to get rid of it, even attempting to talk with Firefox customer service. They are too busy to look at it I guess. Don't download this add-on. You may never be able to fully get rid of it.
  • It started great. Great when it worked.
    But then I started having severe problems with Facebook.
    Every time I logged in it took me through security issues and always asked me to re-name my new computer.
    I couldn't remain logged into Facebook.
    If I clicked on something I had to re-log in.
    I have now uninstalled it and FB is back to normal. Phew!
  • Great potential. Let me add the button to my toolbar and add a (google) +1 Button and this gets one of my favourite add-ons.
  • add support to FF5
  • Generally speaking it is a very cool tool. However, I think it is a pity that you have to press the like button twice. First to open the box and then to actually press the real like...
    Great job though
  • This add-on is awesome, as I can easily share webpages and articles from website which don't have the Facebook Like button, without having to create a huge link on my Wall!

    But perhaps it's nice to customize the text of the single-line "Like"-feed. As pages have huge or ridiculous titles sometimes and therefore are hard to share seriously... Perhaps only the first "page title" part customizable to prevent spam and such. I mean, look at the page title of this Firefox page. It's hard to share that via the Like button: much too long and too much useless words for a shared link...

    But anyway, it's made my internet experience 99% better!
  • works great, like button is at bottom of the browser
  • I've been looking forward to this Firefox add-on ever since Facebook held its F8 conference in late April and announced the OpenGraph social web framework.

    Thanks for contributing your time to coding a simple social plugin that will allow Firefox users to Like any site on the web! A similar extension is available in Google Chrome called "Facebook Likes," and has been one of the major reasons why I've used a hybrid browsing approach to the web, between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • I Like!
  • since I have added firefox to my computer, I can not get any updates and I have not been able to get my zynga game toolbars. It will not let me add anything without an error report that says firefox will not let it happen????????
  • sweet addon... I like to have a Facebook like button for any page.
  • that's pretty nice...
  • This add-on is mainly for Flock users.
  • Bagi komunitas anda di Add-ons Firefox.
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