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I have tried the latest version of the Ez Sidebar. It is a great addon. But, it would be complete if it has the following features too:-
1. Button to dock the sidebar to Left or Right side.
2. Button to Roll or Minimize the floating window up/down (like many sticky note softwares do)
3. A Hotkey
4. Button or Menu to toggle Bookmarks/History/Addons/Downloads etc.

With the above additions the addon will become much more usable and will be in the same league as All-in-One-sidebar and Omnibar.

Another idea which I think which will make the addon even more bombastic will be if it can show Tabs in the floating window. If it can show Tabs arranged in tree style that would be even better.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.1.2008052801).