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v5.0 is all messed up now. v4.0+ won't clip at all in FFx 9+. That version was perfect at last!

1. The clipper used to respect my font settings in the Evernote client. Now it only either clips in Serif or Sans-Serif depending on what I have my browser fonts set to. It won't respect my font size -- neither my Browser's nor Evernote's. I Can't read the tiny text it uses. The various Webclip options have no affect. Manually editing fonts for now. :-(

Update: Workaround - Ctrl+Alt+V pastes to Evernote from the clipboard -- and keeps Evernote's font settings! The disadvantage is that you don't keep the Webpage formatting when you copy an entire page, but you do get all the links, images, and the source url is correct. So...

Entire Webpage - Ctrl+A >> Ctrl+C >> Ctrl+Alt+V
Selection only - Select the content >> Ctrl+C >> Ctrl+Alt+V

2. I have found page formats used to come out much better when clipped to the web instead of the desktop. But now it won't clip to the Web at all. Just a blank box that hangs there after I log in. It also won't search my notes -- it just spins (waiting) forever. I have a fast 100Mb connection. I will submit support tickets too.

Update: Upon Tech Support's advice I set FFx to allow third party cookies. Sending notes to Evernote Web works then. However, third party cookies are an invasion of my privacy. Setting a cookie exception for Evernote works too, but when I have my browser set to delete cookies on restart it does not keep the exception. This was not necessary before, and IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION.

Thanks for the hard work, but I may regress to an older Firefox and Webclipper 4.0 now.

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