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Works For Me. Note:This Is Not an additional search-bar.It will also Not add anything to your addons-manager list....ITS A GOOD THING:) It is Much Simpler:It simply adds Etsy & the "E" icon to the FF built-in Search-bar/Omnibar you already have! (the drop-down menu that has "manage search engines... at the bottom)". When prompted to install it gives an option to "use right away": if you click that & if you, for example, last did a search on google... you will see a google icon get replaced by the Etsy icon: Just type in the Search-bar/Omnibar & hit enter... Congrats your on Etsy now:)Etsy should be there in the drop-down along with google & other searches.

If you are still having problems:

****In FF 18.0.1: I just noticed & tested an added default feature to the drop-down list of search-engines in the search-bar. There's now an option to add the search of the site your on. For FF Addons it gave the generic search (I had to select FF 18 & windows os).But it works.

****You can also try the "Add To Search Bar" addon to add any websites search function to your list of search engines in your pre-existing search-bar/omnibar... including Etsy:) Its my fav but needs updating to FF 18.0.1. Maybe the new feature is replacing it.

****Or try clicking the drop-down of your pre-existing search-bar & click "Manage Search Engines"... from there you can Remove ("Remove" button) any search engine & try re-installing it.

****For XML page guy... Hmmm... Maybe do it manually: Instead of left-clicking the big green "+ Add to Firefox" button... Right-Click it instead & "Save Link As"... this should save it as an ".xpi" file. Windows & other OS's will not recognize it, but doesn't matter, because the .xpi File type is exclusively read by your FF Browser (& nothing else:) to: Manually drag & drop the .xpi file into your Addon Manager. Sounds funky but it works... You should get the regular prompt to install it at that point & should be good to go.

****Make sure there are not addon conflicts especially between ones that both have something to do with searching.

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