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  • Please fix the double quotes becoming single quotes. And I hope you can add an option where it will load the last chapter you read before you closed it without saving it every time using keyboard shortcut "D" aka bookmark. Thank you.
  • I have changed my review to 5 stars. It seems the problem of files being stored in the Firefox Profile directory has been fixed. The update obviously failed to delete the many unused files in the %mozillaprofile% directory and so I was unaware. I thank the developer for responding so quickly and clearing this matter up. BTW, deleting the \epub directory reduced my profile backup size by about 90%.

    I have been using this add-on for years. I normally backup my Firefox Profile directory and I have been wondering why it keeps growing in size at an alarming rate. I discovered today that EPubReader stores it's data, including copies of old ePub files I've read and which I no longer need INSIDE the profile folder. This is a huge problem and for this reason I REMOVED this add-on today. Yes, I know the trick of creating a link to another folder, but it's a hassle and not worth it to keep track of so many symbolic or hard links. Any add-on that uses so much space should have a setting to choose the location of its data files.
    It seems, you used a very old version of EPUBReader. Since version 2.0, which was released in May 2017, EPUBReader doesn't store any files.
  • Doesn't work properly and even shows blank pages.
  • The best epub reader in Firefox. But, as I've said, you guys can still aprimorate extension by adding the highlighter tool.
  • Non funziona con la versione di Firefox 71, continua ad aprire finestre ma non apre i file epub.
  • Хорошее расширения
  • 排版太乱
  • This addon has no support for EPUB tables of contents.

    This breaks the extension's pre FF Quantum behavior, and renders it useless for serious work.
  • se necesita una opción para agregar notas