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No longer working

Update needed to version 30! Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Please update to version 30.0 as I cant install it.

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I love having this dictionary, and although it still seems to work on my old PC, even though I have updated TB to the latest 24.2, it won't let me download it on my new computer, so now I have no dictionary at all! Are you still supporting this add on? As far as I can see, you haven't updated it since 2011?

No updates to the dictionary's code have been required since 2011. I have just bumped the compatibility version for TB so perhaps restart TB/FF and try again.

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I've got the Australian dictionary in my number 1 slot (in preferences), British in number 2, and have removed the American dictionary, but Firefox still spellchecks my pages in US English by default. So what's the point trying to fix Firefox spelling setup with installed dictionaries?

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I agree with the developer completely. However, I am actually waiting for the English (British) dictionary to be ready for my Thunderbird 15. But for the time being my Australian friend will be of great help to me for my colours will not be marked red.

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One of my *favourite* add-ons for Firefox. The English (Australian) Dictionary prevents Australian English words being marked as incorrect. Before I had the add-on, I wasted time second-guessing my spelling because of that little wiggly, red line; even if I was certain I'd spelled a word correctly, I double-checked it every time. How annoying!! Luckily, I found this add-on, and it's been brilliant ever since. I don't have to ignore all the red wiggly lines now; it picks up my actual typos, and has saved me many times from posting incorrectly-spelled words online. I can't recommend the English (Australian) Dictionary for Firefox more highly to anyone who uses Australian English spelling.

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This plugin delivers exactly what it promises: a functional spell-check dictionary for Firefox. Works just fine with FF 12.0.

As an aside, I've found that this dictionary is quite a bit better for us Canadians who are used to the older Commonwealth spellings - so if you're a Canuck looking for a spell-checker that isn't rife with Americanisms, look no further.

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Works for me up to FF11.0, does exactly what is says (Australian dictionary) with no issues for me.

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Works a treat once you figure out how to set the language. It does not use the machine set language. That had me confused for ages.

Select support for the addon for how-to


I've installed this with no issue, but it still underlines words like colour, is there some other language setting i have to set? I have the PC language set to English Australian.

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This add-on is, always has been and always will be FREE. The suggested contribution is for DONATIONS. It is also bad form to write a review about a compatibility issue (being that it hasn't been updated for new versions of Thunderbird), because the add-on is not advertised to work with anything past 3.1.x.

Every part of your review reeks of poor form. Nothing is even remotely what a review is supposed to be about.

This add-on delivers EXACTLY what it promises and therefore it gets 5 stars from me, as I have read the review guidelines.

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A good add-on. I gave it 4 only because I am often unable to use it because of its not being up to date with new versions.

@yanglifu90 that's your problem. I feel your "review" is null and void and would like to see it removed. If you do not understand what a "dictionary" is in WP parlance, then learn
"3. Computers .
a list of words used by a word-processing program as the standard against which to check the spelling of text entered. "

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G'day Cameron, love your work. Could you please incant the spell to update the version number to support Thunderbird 8.

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Hi Cameron. Yeah I was debating whether to make them too high... For me, I can just reduce them as necessary just as easily as increase them so it is no big deal. What is a big deal though is that yours is tagged as the "official" EN-AU dictionary, the one that Mozilla prefers, but it is rarely up-to-date. What's going on Cameron? What are you going to do with this? Are you still supporting it or what?

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"rarely" up to date is a bit of an over dramatisation.
AMO is now automatically running tests and bumping maxversions if tests are passed for add-ons, so my trips away to the snow etc. will have less of an effect.

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Big Thanks to Anywho for keeping this dictionary upgraded - most appreciated. Works perfectly

My apologies Cameron, was confused by the replies

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Anywho maintains a separate packaging of this dictionary. This package hosted at is maintained by myself. Just clearing up any confusion :)

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I have put the project on github in case anyone is interested. I have updated it to work with ff5 and tb5.

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was so devoed when ff5 said no longer compatible loved not having to add aussie words to dictionary

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This is one of the most useful plugins there is. When will the FF5 compatible version be ready?

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update to TB5. Well done mate.

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Bloody awesome, good job mate.

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Thank you for that update link.I'd installed FF4 last night and was shocked to find an unfamiliar layout for a start .... sux IMO... BUT, to find no spell check working! Man, this is essential for me, someone who struggles with spelling and always has - a form of dyslexia. Couldn't get add on to work till this was installed > I love this add on. Refreshing not to suffer damn Americanism trying to dominate all and sundry in the World. Good on you Cameron. Thanks again for all your effort.

colour realise jewellery yep... working A-OK

btw ... I went looking for update and didn't show. I have no idea around this code stuff... or this site. Glad I found a fix in reviews!

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