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  • Emojis make messages fun. There is some truth to the old adage, "pictures speak louder than words."
  • Hello,
    little suggestion for a future update
    the translation of emoticons (in the tooltip) in the language of your choice
    because I am null in English, and I do not use the emoticons because of the English expression that I do not know

    eg a small TXT translation file or the content indicates
    GRINNING = Rire
    SMILE = Sourire
    SMILEY = Rire au éclat

    thank you
  • good
  • nice.. i like it!!
  • Отлично!
  • Sokféle lehetőség
  • Amoo Emoji
  • Me gusto pero mi teléfono Fire Fox OS no lo descarga
  • One stop solution for emojis
  • good app
  • Very entertaining to use!
  • Everything! At 80yo there is little left to explore, but this is just downright fun! Thank you for being so clever :)
  • thanks
  • Cool selection of emojis.