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ya tavahom!!

Awesome Animation Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I really like the lightning animation, but I guess it could be distracting for some people.

witam Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

najbardziej mi się podoba . pozdrawiam.

If the lightning animation stops... Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Credit to user Scorpio for this info found on another review:

If the lightning animation stops and you want it to continue running:
1) Open a new tab and enter "about:config" in the URL bar
2) Search for "lightweightthemes"
3) Double-click "lightweightThemes.persisted.footerURL" and "lightweightThemes.persisted.headerURL" to change their values from true to false
4) Restart Firefox

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Классная тема, живая, не просто картинка, молния бьет как надо!)

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Very cool Stokes!! But like some others have said, the lightning does stop for me also. I'm using version 39. Maybe the updated code??
Nice theme either way.

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J'adore ce thème !

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nice theme...Been using it for last 3-4 years...
But I noticed that after few days the lightning goes off and it needs to disable and re-enable to have those lighting back.
Appreciate if it can be fixed.

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One of the first personas I ever picked up, and have been using it ever since. Usually went through the personas website, just discovered this page recently. Made an account just so I could give this review. By far the best persona that I've ever seen. Just read that you drew it yourself, which is super impressive. Good work.

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Very cool!

Its very cool to receive a 5 star review from you, thanks :)

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muito bom!

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Excelente trabajo felicidades.

Thank you very much / muchas gracias

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de lo mejor

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It's electrifying lol. <3

Lol :) thanks

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Неплохо но темновато! 7-8 баллов

I found when it was bright it was too distracting, & I wouldn't want it to cause seizures lol jk. Plus it wasn't considered average in 2009 when it was made, especially because this was one of the first animated personas. It may seem very average a few years later, but that's also because numerous times people have made exact copies of this persona & tried uploading it under their own name, or there's the bunch of copies with a tint of color added. The copies always get removed eventually, Mozilla always catches on but not until after people see the tons of slight variations & switch their persona lol. This persona once had well over 100,000 daily users, but the last time I witnessed an exact copy it had more users than this one lol. I actually drew this completely from scratch unlike a lot of my personas (i.e. my foxkeh personas) which were just beautifying a pre-made render of a character, so it makes me rather upset when I see people trying to fraudulently copy it & claim it as their own. I'm glad you still like it enough to give it 4 stars tho, & thanks for the review :)

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It's just what I was looking elegant functioning animated lightning persona.

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Very nice !!! :-)

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It is very simple and yet sophisticated. The lightning is quite subtle but if you think Firefox is not responding, the lightning could give you a clue.

Thanks for the great review & 5 stars :)