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Great idea, but unfortunately currently does not work. I have developed similar extension for Google Chrome if anybody wants:

It was very easy to transport from Chrome to Firefox so here is the Firefox version:

Sorry, I didn't know that you still supporting this extension, I will remove the Firefox version of my extension if you wish

Here is the page that I use:

Firefox 11.0.

Don't get any menu items in the context menu when clicking on the image. Also no errors at all.

No problems, I will post the link to yours if it will work for me

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Your review for FF-Extension eBay-Save-Enlarged-Pics


thanks for your review.

1. What ebay-site (top-level-domain) you're using where this extension doessn't work?
2. What version of Firefox?
3. What will you get, if you click onto a item-picture in ebay?
4. Is a errormessage appearing instead of the enlarged pictures? What does it says?

Would be nice, if you can help to improve my extensions.

May I publish a link to your google-chrome-extension in my extension description-page?
Will you do same to my extension?

kind regards from the biggest puddle of Germany