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  • Like lots of other reviews say, a different extension stopped working and I found this after a short search. Seems perfect.
  • Funktioniert nur in der Pro-Version für $30.
  • Had been using another program for years that suddenly became defunct yesterday. Found Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express by pure chance and decided to give it a shot. Only used for 2 downloads so far but it has been great.
  • Easy to use ! Great Quality of download files! I like the fact that if there is something that is not working, support respond almost immediately.
  • This review is about Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express. This is one of the best video downloading add-ons I have tried. I upgraded by donating some money and it is worth it. They have decent support too. I recommend the upgrade.
  • Comment of the add-on, when it should work:
    Youtube switched to separate audio/video streaming technology for higher quality formats and no longer provides direct 720p (Since 24 September 2018)/1080p/mp3 streams. Converting these streams to downloadable formats for you needs powerful server infrastructure, therefore 1080p/mp3 downloading has been limited to PRO users. Read more at - https://videodroid.org/pro_upgrade.html. FREE users can download all formats in CACHE where some PRO users fetched the video/audio in past 24 hours, to test the feature you can try downloading popular videos.
    Kicked off.


    Просто скопируйте адрес и введите в адресную строку (располагается в самом верху браузера) для перенаправления! на страницу на сайт

    1)Переходите на сайт.
    3)Нанимайте гномов, они будут добывать руду.
    4)Руда будет накапливаться, относите ее на склад.
    5)Перерабатывайте руду и получайте золото.
    6)Обменивайте золото на реальные деньги, либо нанимайте больше гномов, чтобы они приносили Вам еще больше прибыли!
  • Works as intended and the support via email is quite fast, as I had a minor issue and needed to ask.
  • Small price to pay for the Pro version - the convenience of downloading videos in 1080 HD clarity is a MUST. Also compresses the video which is fantastic work!
  • super easy to use, best extension for YT download vids I've downloaded so far, thank you for this!
  • Payware. EXPENSIVE payware. Does not allow free downloads anymore (and MUST say so in product description). Until they fix that, one star.