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  • This is an excellent add-on for us heavy tab users. One suggestion for an optional setting. Please make an option on the remaining tab (using the "Keep older tab" priority) to "Activate and move to first on the tab row," or "Keep and move older tab to first." So it would become the rightmost tab like when you open a new tab. Thanks.
  • Works perfectly and very useful. Nicely set up, with important options easily accessed. Thank you dev!

    1 question - can you have the Container and All windows options both selected? If so, a tick next to container option would be helpful.

    A feature request-would be helpful if the dups list was colour-coded by container (or some other ID) and ability to select the tab in the correct container to keep (or maybe keep 2 selected tabs in 2 containers and delete the other 8 dups or in wrong containers!)
  • Outstanding for its ability to find duplicates across multiple windows.
  • Thanks Dev, for this add-on.
    It has been doing a good job for months, but seems to be inactive since a few weeks.
    My 5-star review stands anyway. Thank you again.
  • It works OK, but it is very slow. I'm a tab hoarder and the addon showed nearly 800 duplicate tabs when I first downloaded it. I thought it would be a simple matter of hitting the "Close all duplicate tabs" button to get rid of the tabs, but nope! That crashed Firefox. Not only that, but when I restarted not a single duplicate tab had been dealt with...so either the process removes them all or it just crashes and removes none of them. Great.

    So then I started removing the duplicates one by one, which is a time consuming process considering the addon lags for a good 2-3 seconds when closing each tab. Even attempting to quickly move through the list by simply going down and rapidly clicking the x's doesn't speed it up...it's just slow. I finally just made a mouse macro that clicked through them for me using a program called Mouse Recorder Premium...for those without such a program this part would have sucked!

    So I pared the list down to 500. As an experiment I wanted to see if the addon would handle 500. Nope. Crashed again, but this time it also decided to crash Firefox every single time I tried to restart it as well...great! I disabled the addon after a few crashes and FF was able to start again. When I re-enabled the addon it was clear not a single tab had been removed and I still had 500.

    Finally, I ran my macro a bit more and got it down to 150 (I actually wanted to stop at 250 and see if it would handle that but I got distract and the macro had already ran it down to 150 when I check it again...oh well). Now here's the reason why I didn't just rate this thing 1 star. It actually dealt with the 150 tabs pretty easily. Click the button and POOF they're gone. So I would say for the average user this addon will work quite the treat, but if you're someone like me that has a massive duplicate tab problem, well, expect to put in some work clicking those little x's and waiting.
    Thanks for the review and the tests.
    I though I was mad with my 100 opened tabs but it seems to be nothing. :)
    To solve this I think I'll need to store more tabs information instead of query Firefox.
  • Wie kann ich sie bewerten wenn ich sie nicht ausbrobieren kann.
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  • Not a bad addon but could use a lot more functionality. For starters, it needs a whitelist for sites that are okay to duplicate, which is often necessary. Also, a simple "Close tab automatically" function really isn't the best way to handle a duplicate inadvertently being opened. For example, say you forget you've already got Google open and you type a search in the address bar (which I have set to auto open in a new tab). Rather than the new tab opening with the search I just typed, it switches to the old tab, with an old search in it, which is at first pretty disconcerting. In this case it makes more sense to close the old tab, not the new one, but again, maybe I actually do want them both open. There needs to be a white list. Did I say there needs to be a white list? There needs to be a white list.

    RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER'S COMMENT: If you think I gave it two stars just for missing one feature, you didn't even bother to read the whole review. Two stars stands I now I don't even want to bother seeing if it's improved. You need to learn what reviews are for.

    You could have made it easier and shorter to simply request a White list. :)
    It has already been requested and it's planned, I just miss time.

    Note: 2 stars for a missing feature seems pretty strict (even I don't care, I just share for free an add-on I've developed for me)
  • It could be better if there is an option to move the old tab to where the new tab would have been. Currently if you open hundreds of tabs and the old tab is in the front of the tabs, the tab bar will move all the way there, which is not good.

    I find out that if "On remaining tab" is set to "default tab behavior", the old tab will be moved to the new place, which is what I need.
    Thanks for your response!

    Thanks for the review!

    If you are in "Auto close" mode, the behavior depends on the option "On remaining tab".
    Can you give me your settings?
    Also can you give me usecase of you do and what is expected (based on your settings) to be sure I understand your problem.
  • The problem is that there are cases when all duplicate tabs are closed without keeping neither of them.
    -auto-close on
    -no filters
    -keep newer tab (keep tab with HTTPS, keep pinned tab)
    -scope: active window

    The situation occurs when both tabs were loading simultaneous!
    Thanks for the details.

    So it happens with autoclose and newer. I'll search this way.

    When you write "all duplicate tabs are closed" you means only the existing one and the new one?
    Did you noticed if the older tab was completely loaded? or if both tabs were loading?

    I guess you haven't be able to reproduce the problem with the same URL?

    ****Update ******
    I've found something that can explain your problem.
    I'll push a fix soon.