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  • very efficient utility,dr.web is my fav av soft
  • It detected lovefly.dll, which allegedly is a keyboard logger intended to steal mmo login info.

    Only reservation I have is that it's a Russian-made utility whose biggest boast is being the first to detect some Russion trojan.

    Should I fear the fact that the author comes from a country that spawns some of the most malicious malware? Or, should I look at it that maybe some of the best ANTI-malware could also possibly come from that country?

    Either way, it was useful for the above stated reason.
  • Отличный плагин
  • Удобство проверки ссылок на сайтах...
    Сканируется весь путь ссылки...
  • I scanned many files i know have viruses and it said clean on all of them! >:(
  • cool more updates=)
  • I love it, awesome safety tool.
  • works only if you use the default theme in Vista Sp1 on FF 3.0.1
  • on xp ok;on vista zero
  • You must use the DEFAULT Theme in VISTA SP1 on FF 3.0.1
  • Does not work with Firefox 3.0.1 ... creates multiple instances on taskbar that can't be opened and must be killed using process explorer. Worthless for Firefox 3.0.1

    I'd give it 0 stars if it would let me.
  • i`m sorry but for me dr.web doesn`t work so i don`t give you no stars ! actually it was working on FF2 but on FF3 i can`t use it !
  • Very useful ext.
    I strongly recommend using this and if necessary kaspersky online file checker.
  • it's ok. death 676 to respond to you, it is not a virus on that site, it is javascript.
  • Sorry bout my typing but i meant don't quote me on the websites virus going away
  • Total piece of JUNK. I checked it out on a known virus web site and it totally failed. It didn't find the virus there. (the web site is www.youareanidiot.org) it is a low level virus that causes hundreds of pop ups but goes away when your computer is reset. Its also an old virus (don't quote me on this though even though it did happen 2 me) Don't waste your time with it.
  • Over approx 1 year I have found Dr Web ineffective. In fact, I don't recall Dr Web ever finding anything. In fact, it has been EASILY defeated and rendered useless or turned off by spyware/virus. It's best feature is that it's still free.
  • Hey this is a great little tool. I have used it now for a few weeks, and plan to right a review on it at my website AntiVirus Software
  • It works great ... but am not sure whether the anti-virus used works well ... but a nice idea to think of. 10 for that.
  • + easy to install
    + easy to use - no confirm necessary
    => right mouse click => scan with dr.web
    + very usefull