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  • Abre ventana emergente que pone servidor no encontrado. Desinstalado.
  • It still works great... if I disable/enable the add-on every once in a while to stop ff disabling it. It seem "compatible" if it is working great on 3.6+, right? Anytime I'm able use it, it does what it suppose to do.
  • Дополнение очень нужное и полезное, пользуюсь с момента появления. Уже не раз помогало.
  • Дополнение очень нужное и полезное, пользуюсь с момента появления. Уже не раз помогало.
  • i run Mac OSX, i and don't know any reliable website scanners. I'm not only interested in what website should i visit (like WOT does), but also what files are infected, so that if it's my website virused, to remove them.

    This addon was mana for heaven: exactly what i needed for removing malware.
  • Useless. Firefox wont install it saying its not compatible with firefox 3.6
  • Useless, if you want safe browsing just download web of trust
  • Bonsoir Eugene Kurzin !
    Je te fais parvenir,ce message de France,car je viens de télécharcher : Dr.Web. Même si je possède un anti-virus,un anti-spam sur mon PC,il me semble que le fait d'ajouter Dr.Web,n'est pas un logiciel de sécurité négligeable,vu tous les problèmes de piratages et autres.
    Je pense,que tu as très bien fait de créer ce logiciel que l'on peux se servir en direct,quand on surfe sur Mozilla-Firefox !
    I.E est moins sécurisé,que Firefox,même s'il essaie de rattraper la renommée de Firefox,ils ont encore beaucoup de travail,car ils ne sont pas complètement au point !
    Merci,de faire partager ce logiciel !
    Amicalement de Erick
    Good evening Eugene Kurzin !
    I forward you, this message of France, because I come from télécharcher: Dr.Web. Even if I have anti-virus, a anti-spam on my PC, it seems to me that the fact of adding Dr.Web, is not a negligible security software, considering all the problems of hackings and others.
    I think, whom you made very well create this software that one can be useful oneself on line, when one surfe on Mozilla-Firefox!
    I.E is made safe less, than Firefox, even if it tries to catch up with the fame of Firefox, they still have much work, because they are not completely at the point!
    Thank you, to make share this software!
    In a friendly way of Erick
  • This is worthless. It times out far too often when scanning a url with a, "server busy," message. I have tested against known bad sites and it passed them as clean. Most likely the issues with the sites were not on the main page but on other pages within the site. In any case it is not real useful and definitely not something I will rely on for protection. It is far from convenient since you have to manually scan every url before you use it. I will be removing this addon. Use WOT instead.
  • OR you can get an actual anti-virus program because most programs like AVG and AVAST have real time link scanning. or you can go all out and get the best anti-virus program out there ESET NOD32 anti-virus (www.eset.com) yes its expensive but if a virus starts to install itself wether you told it to or not, wether the virus is a known virus or not NOD32 correctly identifies it and terminates both the individual download connection AND the parts that are already on your computer. and as an added pluss syou can have it scan your whole 580 gigs of memory on your computer in under 25 mins and it doesn't tax the CPU at all.
  • прекрасное дополнение, всё на русском
  • Recomendado, tiene una base de datos importante al analizar.

    lo malo: No analiza Links de Rapidshare, por ser estos variables.
  • Не понятно: почему здесь представлена только одна версия - на английском, тогда, как на сайте Dr. WEB заявлено, что есть и на русском?
  • muito bom
  • It's Nice but work slow.
  • AWESOME! Really helpful for school projects or even casual browsing when a site looks suspicious. 5 stars.
  • Очень важная часть защиты вашей безопасности. Плагин выручал меня много раз и спасал от скачивания всякого мусора и заразы. Этот плагин - большой помощник для моего основного антивируса.
    Спасибо, Dr.Web!

    Very important part of protection your safety. This plug-in help me many times and rescued from downloading of any dust and an infection. This plug-in - the big assistant for my basic antivirus.
    Thanks, Dr. Web!
  • Não é 100%, mais ajuda!

  • This is a must have. Works quickly and worth it. Thanks
  • i scanned zango and it said clean i tried almost ever bad site i can think of, but still this stupid thing says clean Dont Trust it
  • The State Duma of Russia, its Defense and Foreign ministries FSB (Federal Security Service) and many other enterprises, educational institutions and research departments trust anti-virus solutions from Doctor Web.
  • The best in the world
  • Pointless. Avast has realtime which I think is superior over this junk! This has horrible detection.
  • It really works and this page is completely clean. :P

  • very efficient utility,dr.web is my fav av soft