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  • Ever since I installed Dr. Web I can't open Tools>AddOns when I try nothing happens Please tell how to uninstall Dr.Web when I can't open addons.
  • So was ist einfach Mist: Das Add-on öffnet wohl nur unter Windows? Dafür könnte die Information gleich dabeistehen, ehe man es herunterlädt.
  • Annoying. Every click outbound from Facebook gets sidetracked and delayed while this thing checks it... then it invariably claims it couldn't, because the "server must be unavailable."

    So I unchecked the Facebook option in the add-on. A day later the option had re-checked itself, i.e., refused to honor my choices: EPIC FAIL.

    I uninstalled it, would rather rely on the non-annoying add-on LinkExtend and [Avast's plugin] WebRep.
    ............говорит, что нет ничего, хотя Avast (да да, тот самый, бесплатный) говорит, что "http://getsfiilee.ao9b.info/?r ; Инфекция: URL:Mal"... И таких ссылок КУЧА. И ни одну из них он (DrWeb) не хавает. Думайте сами, решайте сами.... 8)
  • i like it
  • This plugin is of no use. I just got a PayPal email phishing and when I click on the link, I received no warning at all.
  • 1st off, I have No affiliation with Dr.Web Company.....

    The LinkChecker is a valuable tool for the user to quickly check any links B4 opening it in the same or another tab!?! It's also a good way to check any item you want to download for any bad stuff (including add-ons from other developers), that may try to sneak onto your PC with said down loadable item!?!

    DrWeb LinkChecker has been around for awhile & has proved itself 100 fold!?! They have made many changes to it over the years, like improved scanning speed (depending on your computers technical capabilities), keeping its database updated on a daily (hourly) basis, Improving their servers heavy demand for its use by the millions of users that constantly are scanning links etc. 24/7, plus much more!?!

    **Unfortunately, like many other security products out there, it's not immune to developing the odd glitch like us users are experiencing with the recent updates to versions 2.5.8 & 2.5.9..... LinkChecker isn't working with my Firefox browser but does work very well with my Thunderbird email program (same update version & date)!?!

    I have notified DrWeb developers via their LinkCheckers homepage online contact forms plus by email, as they don't seem to monitor this FF Add-ons page!?! I have found in the past that this is the best way of bringing a situation like this to their attention very quickly!?!

    They will get it fixed & we all can continue to keep our PC safe by using DrWeb's LinkChecker, to warn us of those deceitful, unreliable, mischievous, scoundrels, rascals & scallywags who want to make our internet surfing miserable!?!

    This is 1 very valuable security add-on that I highly recommend every one to acquire for your surfing pleasure..... It works well with most browsers & some email programs - just check it out at their home website!?!

  • Sounds like a good thing, but it doesn't work anymore!!! It worked for the first six times, and the scan times were painfully slow!! Now just says: '504 Gateway time-out'. So it has been promptly removed. Looks like other people are having problems too! Don't waste your time! Now looking for something else. Any suggestions??
  • Often times the link checker will report "the server that hosts the page you requested is probably not available". This simply is not helpful at all, and it happens more often than it is able to report a good or bad site. Reporting the issue to Dr.Web... "Thanks for the information". With as little support as they provide, and as seldom as the link checks actually work, I am ready to uninstall.
  • Great extension.
    It saved me a lot of times.
  • очень полезное, и для меня обязательное дополнение. можно на любой платформе (Windows Linux MacOS) можно проверить свой файл родным антивирусом. где бы ты ни был.
  • im going to download this and it is great because im about to download but if i use this my downloading will be safe :)
  • great
  • for firefox 4, plz.
  • please make it for firefox 4
  • Please add DrWEB Logo )
  • работает
  • В тестовом режиме работает в FireFox 4.0b9pre.
    Жду официального объявления поддержки FF 4.*
  • very nice
  • удобно спасибо
  • Very nice. At first,the GUI would not close when I clicked "close window" so it was necessary to
    click the "X" in the top right corner.
    Minor thing,at worse,and the problem has now gone away,and "close window" works fine.
    DrWeb is a classy company,with solid,no-frills,dependable products.
    Like a Kalashnikov rifle,they just keep working!!
  • I really need this addon, but it's not compatable with Thunderbird 3.1.4!
  • это полезная вещь тем более у меня фаер фокс тупит сильно.
    коментарии превратились в большую кучу спама.
  • Неплохо,маленький плюс к общей защите))
  • Неплохо,маленький плюс к общей защите))