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  • Great extension, that containers could be a pain in the ***, continue with the great work and I'll wait all the time needed for the Quantum release of the main Add-on

  • Je l'apréciais car rapide et précis. Facile a géré et très éfficace, ce module va me manqué,

  • Excellent add-on!!! Please update to the new Firefox 57+ technology... I can't realize surfing the web without this gem!!!

  • MultiprocessIncompatibleExtension

  • Just download the mIRC log file from your computer, change the file extension to .html and open it in FireFox. When it opens, click the Tools menu and select DownThemAll (after you've installed the AntiContainer app) and ALL the photos will be extracted from the log file. What a time-saving improvement over double-clicking on thousands of individual .html files!

    The people who wrote this app are geniuses!

  • If the goal is to download from the few sites with included plugins in DTA-anticontainer, it may work. Except sites change their coding constantly. Plugins will need updating - as several reviews mention & support site requests.

    If a site doesn't have an included plugin & DTA (by itself) or with DTA-AC still does what you need - great. If not, most users probably won't know how to write plugins that actually work. One reason - scripts & page source for different sites vary a lot.

    There is a "tutorial" on writing plugins on the support page - wiki, but examples don't show what data from a site's source was used, or why - to decide what was needed for the plugin. The example plugins just sort of appear - there is some explanation. Not enough for most "technically inclined" users to write their own.

    The addon needs detailed examples & step by step instructions - how to look at sites' source code (on sites, R click a page > View Page Source) and explain - based on the page's code - how to decide what's needed in a plugin.
    My guess is, users with some knowledge could spend hours writing & troubleshooting one plugin.

    The instructions on replacing updated plugins (that aren't yet in official releases) are insufficient for average users to follow. https://github.com/downthemall/anticontainer - Under "Pro Tips" at the page bottom.

    Developing an * almost * automatic "wizard" to create plugins would be a lot of work. For typical or moderately advanced users, without step by step instructions on writing plugins based on sites' actual source code, this addon may have limited use.

  • Very Good Plugin..thanks

  • Great.

  • Last add-on version should also work with Firefox ESR latest... current does not work with FF ESR 38:(

    Also plugins should be updated more often but hey, it's free... cannot complain... good work and thnx much :)

  • Till today I used it to dll the real-sized images from a Google search. But today it stopped recognize and marking images in Google when checked.

  • J'avais du réinstaller firefox et j'avais perdu mon module, impossible de me souvenir de son nom. Enfin, je l'ai retrouvé. De tous les modules de téléchargement vidéo, DownThemAll est le meilleur. Et avec cet anticontainer, plus de problème de fichiers inaccessible :o) J'espère qu'il y a d'autres programmes du ou des mêmes auteurs ! Bravo à eux et merci :o)

  • This makes my one of the favorite addon even better :)

  • Very nice already! But writing own snippets for this is really not always that easy. I wish there was some kind of wizard that helped with the regular expressions and that shows what change triggers what. Or better a small like 'debugger'. I had a couple of places where I could not figure out why the hell its only downloading the html page and not the actual image where it works flawlessly with a very similar page! And then suddenly it works again and next time not...

  • It totally works. You just need to go into the settings (aka DownloadThemAll! Preferences) and under the Filters tab, tick the checkbox for "Pictures and Embedded Filter".

    Once that is engaged, you'll see a new filter option in the DownloadThemAll window for "AntiContainer". That's where this addon will do it's work. Just make sure that filter is checked, and it'll work as advertised.

    Thanks so much to the developers for this great addon.

  • I've used this thing for a week, and as far as I can tell, everything is ok

  • Прекрасное дополнение.Пользуюсь больше года, проблем с ним нет.Ещё бы описание на русском для тех кто первый раз его себе устанавливает.А то я не сразу понял зачем он нужен.

  • Write better documentation and let the powers of the users make this addon flourish.

  • Loved this add-on and have contributed. It allows fast and easy bulkdownloading of tons of pictures. Saves lots of time & energy. Please update with a plugin for imgbox.com.

  • Would you please be able to add plugins for the container behind " http://aww.ninemsn.com.au/dietandhealth/8383083/juices-that-can-make-you-slimmer-and-healthier " to the next dta!anti-container's update ? This is the only site I need it for. Alternatively, could you provide a "how-to" for adding plug-ins for newbies ? Good work on the principle.

  • This is a very useful addon to another addon (DownThemAll). I only wish that the developer would bring it up to spec so that it works with Firefox 8. However, as soon as this is done, I'd recommend that anyone using this type of addon consider using this.

  • Doesn't work with FF8, which didn't list it as incompatible and didn't even invite me to say "no" to upgrade. Is still on the add-ons list as enabled but there's no plugins in the settings dialogue and I can't reinstall it. I can't roll back to FF7, either. Please fix ASAP as this is a great utility and I use it daily - also would be nice to have a plugin included for ImageTwist and ImageChilli (I'm not savvy enough to write my own, sadly).

  • would you add plugins for imgchili.com to next dta!anti-container's update?

  • Thanks I love dowloadThemAll I should try this

  • Me parece muy bueno si me sirve para mi firefox

  • WOW! It's amazing add-on! Thank you so much!