Works great and doesn't slow down browsing like some other similar add-ons! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I tried "Ghostery" which is another popular add-on that does the same thing, and it noticeably slowed down page loading times on *some* pages (especially ones which I have custom user-scripts for which I guess conflict with it somehow)! This one however does not suffer from the same problem and works great w/regards to blocking all the tracking elements on every page without impacting performance!

I would however like to have more customization options, for example if I choose to move the DoNotTrackMe button to the add-ons bar at the bottom, I would like the pop-up to be at the bottom-right corner, but there's no option to change that and it still appears in the default top right location.

Also it would have been nice if like with with "Ghostery", it provided more information on the various tracking companies it detects/blocks.

Otherwise great add-on!

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