88 notes
  • If the selector selects links from page, then you can not go through them. Addon URL substitute the page domain. For example
    moz-extension: // 3ec15ba2-baa7-473c-b536-e0b82ed9f24e / film / robinzon-na-lune-2009-487514 /
  • Super polecam
  • Great features!
  • Works better than any other similar monitoring function I've tried.
  • Works great and does what I need it to do.


    Please add support for containers!
  • Great tool to monitor web pages or part of it!
    Easy to use and configure.

    Great job done here.
  • A wonderful addon!
  • Fantastic extension, You wouldn't know it is still an Alpha. I only wish that the import / export was a little more convenient and actually imported .json files rather than having to open the file in an editor and pasting it into the distill screen. It still works however. Definitely 5 Stars!!
  • This is a great addon. Keeps track of items I am looking for on ANY website I want. It's been a Godsend and I just don't know what I'd do without it. Amazing support as well. Always replies quickly to any questions with concise answers. Can't wait until my business grows so I can upgrade to the Flex plan. Thanks a million!!!!!

    Eddie J
  • Import JSON not support duplicate check.
  • Amazing. Does what other web sites charge for and do badly. They offer multiple/customization intervals for checking and can setup email alerts for free. Great app, works like a charm and easy to use.
  • The plugin works great, it's reliable enough for me to not worry about missing new content on an important page.
    However, I'll humbly take 3 stars off for jumpscaring me every time an error occurs. The sound is as obnoxious as it gets, and for some reason it's MUCH LOUDER than the rest of the sounds on my system, even including music. I'd love to see an option to change/disable that, until then: 2 stars.

    Actually, ignoring the reviews + regularly checked pages popping up on the "pop-up" window when doing sth else in them = 1 star, why not.
  • Addon works well, but doesn't work at all with tracking protection enabled which is weird. It's closed source, too.
  • 请为“Open Page In Tab (for local monitor)”添加一个后台打开的选项。
  • very fast and clear to monitor web changes. I hope the alarm function would be enhanced. Thank you!
  • Muito boa! Fácil de usar.
  • Hi Ajit. Thanks for the great add-on. Is there any way to import history, perhaps manually by editing .sqlite file or otherwise?
  • http://admin:0000@domain.??! ftp
  • Это расширение позволяет, следить за обновлениями элементов страниц, например узнавать актуальную версию той или иной программы не открывая сайт. Имеются настройки отслеживания, уведомлений и различные фильтры, но многие из них сложны для людей не знакомых с HTML, JavaScript, CSS и т.д. В версии для Firefox 57 и выше чтобы корректно обновить некоторые страницы требуется открывать маленькую вкладку, так как в фоновом режиме не все содержимое прогружается.