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  • Excellent module pour suivre les pages du web, je l'utilise avec un plan payant avec possibilité d'utiliser le cloud, je souhaiterais télécharger l'apps ios pour mon iphone et recevoir les pushs notifications ? si vous avez une solution ou un lien pour télécharger apps ce serait super Merci
  • I use this daily for checking some websites constantly that offer hard to find items for sale that sell out within minutes (if not seconds). It notifies my phone so I don;t even need to be in front of my computer! This has allowed me to purchase things that I never would have been able to buy otherwise. Because of this it is by far the most valuable firefox plugin that I have used.
  • This app has helped me truly stay on top of the website I monitor for changes. Extremely valuable!
  • Really good extension.
    I would very much appreciate that when I click on the desktop notification the relevant page would open with the changes highlighted
  • This web monitor is extremely useful for tracking hard to find items. Thanks Distill.
  • This addon is a must have. Saves a lot of time!
    Just pick a text on website (price, greyed out size of item, last article...) and it will notify you when price drop, size got availible or old blog got an update! Even the dev helps make a formulas for complicated pages you need. I tested all similar solutions but it works the best.
  • Very useful.
  • its very useful tool, and one of the best web monitor tool I have ever tested.
  • It loses watchlist every month. Extremely annoying. And what for CSV export if when you (inevitably) lose your list it turns out there no CSV import! Bad joke.
  • Very helpful addon to track changes on website.
  • Right now it's missing critical ignore 50 character changes or numbers.. it's always detecting stupid changes because 3 numbers change.. Makes it totally useless.. I had to disable it because it would not stop showing changes.

    Ok I understand regex but there is no method to change every single scan. I have over 50 pages being scanned that is just way too many to manually change one by one. You need some sort of Wizard to modify all.

    And yes I am a Update Scanner user.
    Update scanner and Distill are different apps with different behavior. Distill offers finer controls.Consider selecting parts to monitor; it works much better than monitoring the whole page. Best.
  • I use this extension often to receive text messages when websites important to me get significant changes. Works better than any other solution I have found! Can't wait to see this on iOS.
  • nice
  • Works as expected! Great add-on!
  • One of the unique Apps that helps be a lot in tracking everything I am interested in online. I have tried others similar APPs as well, but no one of them comes close to distill.
  • By far the best one. Advanced features available.
  • I've been using this addon for almost a year regarding betting advisors feed. Conditions are very useful to target one type of bet. Other options are more difficult to use for beginners. If you are a dev it should open a lot of possibilities.
  • If the selector selects links from page, then you can not go through them. Addon URL substitute the page domain. For example
    moz-extension: // 3ec15ba2-baa7-473c-b536-e0b82ed9f24e / film / robinzon-na-lune-2009-487514 /
  • Super polecam
  • Great features!
  • Works better than any other similar monitoring function I've tried.
  • Works great and does what I need it to do.


    Please add support for containers!