104 notes
  • great tool for trying to find sold out performances
  • Почему так дорого, уроды?!
    Why so expensive, freaks ?!
  • Well done distill. Solve my needs and easy to use.
  • Great job by distill.io, user friendly and accurate.
  • Great extension that makes monitoring a webpage for changes or downtime super easy
  • Very pleased with this addon. Does everything it has to.
  • Oh my gosh, this is a fantastic extension,
    You are a genius.
    Thank you, thank you, really thank you
  • Really great way to monitor changes as soon as they happen without having to sit and refresh all day long.
  • I have been using it in my web pages with a password for a long time and they work very well for me. I have searched for other applications like this one and it is the easiest to configure. I recommend it.
  • Distill's interface is super straight forward while very effective at monitoring web page changes accurately; no false alarms; has helped me monitor changes for collectible rare, artisan made items that sell out quickly.