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  • Always been an excellent add on. Been using it for years.
  • good
  • It's alright
  • is there a quick turn extension on/off?
    love it :D
  • It's fine.

    I've tried all the anti-tracking extensions. They vary wildly in complexity, but are almost uniform in efficacy. If you REALLY wanna make that last one or two percentage points as far as sweeping up those breadcrumbs, feel free to roll up your sleeves, don that tinfoil hat, and go down a DuckDuckGo rabbit hole (with an anonymous proxy and possibly through Tor).

    Otherwise, just go with this one. It's the easiest. Wanna view an embedded tweet or a Facebook video? They're literally one or two button clicks away. For everything else, how much effort is required on your part? None, that's how much.

    It just works. It's fine.
  • As a cybersecurity consultant in today's constant-changing internet world, it is getting the point that anywhere you go will collect parasitic advertisements and tracking sites. To make it worse, browser developers are in a constant battle trying to balance features with security enhancements, but eventually in time we hear newly identified vulnerabilities and/or compromises (breeches) occurring through our web surfing activity. Disconnect helps at that needed layer of protection that I have come to trust!

    CyberTecky, LLC.
  • GREAT, highly recommended add-on. Only flaw is that it must be installed before any other ad blockers.
  • Good, but not good enough. This add-on blocks any 3rd party cookies on the current domain. But it doesn't work in more complex scenarios. When you log in to some web site via Facebook, Google or similar provider, after login completed, the cookies set by these authentication services - Facebook, Google etc. - remain set.
  • Disconnect stops all trackers and all requests
    + love the add-on design and visualize
    + are you collecting my data?
  • works, no overhead, no BS
  • Must have for invisible 3rd party trackers. Been using it since the beginning. Use this or Privacy Badger to send those tracking requests to hell.
  • Used it for 2 years, but now it started collecting data and sending it back to their server. Something has changed and it's different to before. Basically, now it's spyware. So, beware, monitor outgoing traffic from your PC.
  • Excelente!