507 notes
  • It just works
  • This extensions apparently is not maintained: it hasn't been updated in two years; also, it has some no longer used code, e.g. /data/services.js is no longer used because the data was moved to /data/services.json. Furthermore, Disconnect is rather limited in features compared to uBlock Origin, AdGuard, Adblock/Ablock Plus, etc. Specifically, it uses domain-based filters, so is unable to block site's own tracking. You might as well install a hosts file and/or block third-party cookies and get pretty much the same result as with Disconnect at a fraction of resource use.
  • I noticed the 'show counter' box rechecks itself, usually after a reboot or two, so that the number of tracker requests eventually reappear on the menu bar icon. I've unchecked the counter box any number of times.
    Edit: Also noticed the drop down menu sometimes doesn't render as it should. Have tried removing the addon, quitting FF and reinstalling but without success.
  • Estou usando há anos. Protege sua navegação contra rastreadores e não deixa que Facebook, Google e vários outros saibam o que você faz. Também deixa a navegação mais rápida e só é necessário desativar quando você realmente precisa vincular o site ou quando quer ser rastreado. Parabéns aos devs!
  • Useful information. It really puts me in control. Thank you, devs!