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  • Very very usefull, I cannot disable this add
    But, unfortunately, there is a problem with recent twitter web app on showing a page redirected via short url. For example, this page via short url https://t.co/mAHXje4DwK is not good, but expanded url https://twitter.com/GamerNeJp/status/1153885140533182465 is good.
  • I have been having a lot of slowness related problems with my browser... just slow... adding this made a noticeable difference to me, even using a vpn. I don't write reviews mostly, but went out of my way to give this a good one because it far exceeded my expectations of actually working.
  • tks
  • I'm concerned, because googletagmanager.com is not blocked anymore. On the one hand, I can understand the arguments [1], as Google Tag Manager is not a tracker itself, and it's fine for me to unblock it. BUT the domain googletagmanager.com is also used to serve retargeting scripts and Google Ad scripts. This aspect is not mentioned at all in the discussion [1], which worries me even more!

    [1] https://github.com/disconnectme/disconnect-tracking-protection/issues/31
  • Beware. This is not open source. It is written at the bottom of their own page: https://github.com/disconnectme/disconnect
  • Does its job
  • Didn't work on the last Firefox update. "Download Failed. Please check your connection." works with the new one. Thank you