506 notes
  • Some issues with keep.google.com

    Using my work account, I have no problems. Using instead my personal google account, I get about 5 notes to load, out of maybe 100, after which I get an eternal spinning wheel.
    Whitelisting the site "keep.google.com" does allow all the notes to load.

    There is an option to fill out a form on disconnect.me to report broken sites. Unfortunately, that form does not recognize that sites might have subdomains. So while I can report "google.com" as being broken (which it isn't), it does not allow me to report "keep.google.com" as broken, as it considers anything(?) with multiple dots in it to be an "invalid URL"(!)
  • Good
  • Vertical and horizontal scroll bars on the extension menu are very annoying.

    Extension seemed like it would be useful, but the effed up menu drove me nuts.
  • this is not mine some one has stole my card and has inþhratred the system with my sim or pick card