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  • It doesn't work on Fennec (firefox for android). I can download it with Fennec v47.0 but nothing happens after. It doesn't install.
    Could you fix this bug please ?
  • This update for ver 56 Did not fix the ad-ons problem that showed up on May 3rd "Download failed. Please check your connection."
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am now able to resume enjoying the delights of my various Themes from Personas Plus!! =oD
  • It works!!! thanks a lot!
  • Your hotfix disabled Chatzilla and Request Policy extensions. Any chance you can fix these -- please and thank you
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can't thank you enough!
  • I've got a 64 bit install of Firefox v 56 on my almost 7 year old laptop which is Windows 7 and can't go any higher than 56 and most of my extensions are back with a few exceptions.
  • My old laptop still works - why get rid of it? Unfortunately, winXP won't handle more than 52.9.0 (ESR). I used a fix I read - changing an entry in about:conf so I could use LastPass. I changed that back and the two extensions (AdBlock & LastPass) disappeared. As soon as I clicked on Add Extension, they reappeared. Question - will this last forever, or will it need to be updated?
  • FF53: uBlock Origin 1.17.4 still not working (work only on FF52ESR with warning). Edit: it works :) (after next check - after 24h)
  • Anonther bang up job by Mozzila! Using 52.9.0 64bit and can't install extension because 'you are using firefox 51.0' Test much?
  • Works for me. I'm on FF56.0.2 Portable Edition (from Portable Apps). The reason and the only reason I'm still using this version is because of 1 extension, Master Password+ in my work computer. In my home computer, I'm on the latest version.

    I've been using Firefox since the 90s from its previous life as Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Application Suite, and now Firefox. I also use other browsers as well (IE, Edge, Opera, Brave, Maxthon, Chrome) as I'm also curious about what other browsers bring to the table. My main ones are Firefox and Chrome (in that order).

    I understand the ability to use a lot of Chrome extensions (which I never use in Firefox). It broke 1 extension that I love, the Master Password+. Some say that why do I need to secure Firefox again if security is handled by the operating system. I'm going to argue with this "why do you need to lock the bathroom door or the master bedroom when the front door is already locked?".
  • Works for FF55.0.3

    Because my addons on were disabled I decided to try Waterfox and I found that I like it way better than FF.

    Which is sad since I've been a FF user since FF2 back around 2006~7

    Edit In:
    After reading the above review I forgot that I too had been using Netscape Navigator which means that I've been with this program since the late 90s.
  • instlld plugin: 'Disabled Add-on Fix ' on 56.0.2 (32-bit)...works fine NOW.
  • Successfully installed on Firefox ESR 52.0.9 (32-bit) version. Many thanks for resurrecting legacy infrastructure to develop and test!
  • Users of Firefox 53–58 might find it impossible to install add-ons such as the 'Wood time' theme (reportedly compatible with Firefox 53.0 and later):


    As far as I can tell:

    - this issue does not involve the expired certificate, it predates Mozilla armagadd-on 2.0
    - users of Firefox 53–58 should not expect this extension to fix the apparent incompatibility.