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  • Today is October 10/2019. This add-on DOES NOT fix the problem. I have version 52.5.0 32-bit and still CANNOT add new themes!!
  • SERIOUSLY, I was literally SCREAMING at the PC with frustration when I kept getting 'Corrupt Extension' whenever I tried to install extensions I KNEW were okay (used em before).

    It's just typical that Mozilla would try to be a NANNY like every other sh--ty modern organisation.

    Just like the MORONS at Android that decided they'd prevent us from saving on our OWN SD cards !

    PLEASE, stop trying to save all the IDIOTS from the Darwin Award at the expense of MASSIVE INCONVENIENCE to people with half a brain.


    Thank goodness this extenson was created by someone who gave a damn!
  • einfach spitze
  • You did this on yourself Firefox!!!!but at least the non quantum versions don't have to RIP anymore. Thanks for that at least but I'll NEVER use your new Sellout ever ! and if forced to upgrade you might as well use chrome or edge instead of the clone you call quantum may it RIP instead ;)
  • Excellent! I'm a Windows XP holdout for one of my old fav laptops. This fix works perfectly for Firefox 52 ESR. I have my add-ons back and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for going the extra mile for the older versions. I'm a Mozilla fan for life!
  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum

    Preview of Disabled Add-on Fix for Firefox 47 - 56
    Disabled Add-on Fix for Firefox 47 - 56 is not compatible with Firefox Quantum

    This extension will re-enable extensions that were disabled on May 3, 2019 for Firefox versions 47 - 56.
  • Cette extension fonctionne très bien avec la version 54.0b9 (32 bits): les add-ons installés peuvent à nouveau refonctionner (ils ne sont plus désactivés).
  • Seems to work for 56.0.
  • yes , 56.0.2 is mine, and not Quantum
  • I've been waiting for a fix EXACTLY like this. Which addresses a very specific issue for me: I just can't use the "regular" fix for the current Firefox. And why not, you may ask? Because unless AND until I can get ALL of my Add-ons to be Quantum-compatible, I will NOT update to it (so yes,I'm stuck on 56.0.2). I don't care about all the great things that Quantum is supposed to bring us; my Add-ons are SINGULARLY more important to me than all of that! After all, they constitute the primary reason why I stayed loyal to Firefox for more than a dozen years.

    So to be honest, Mozilla, you brought these things upon yourself. But to be fair, for this particular hotfix at least, you have my thanks.
  • bagus ne broo....
  • It works on Firefox 56. Brilliant! Thanks
  • I managed to hack the extensions.json file for the appDisabled and signedState variables for each extension- then had to copy and overwrite that file into my Firefox directory at least once a day when my extensions were automatically disabled. This fix has worked 100% in preventing any continued disabling of my extensions, and I haven't had to take any further action. I've long been using FF56 on Windows 7. I can't exactly say thank you after this nightmare, but am happy this is finally fixed. Hopefully Firefox can come back from this.
  • Works perfectly glad to have all my extensions working again...Thanx to everybody who continue to fix issues we sometimes get...Im on version 56...