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  • Today is October 10/2019. This add-on DOES NOT fix the problem. I have version 52.5.0 32-bit and still CANNOT add new themes!!
  • SERIOUSLY, I was literally SCREAMING at the PC with frustration when I kept getting 'Corrupt Extension' whenever I tried to install extensions I KNEW were okay (used em before).

    It's just typical that Mozilla would try to be a NANNY like every other sh--ty modern organisation.

    Just like the MORONS at Android that decided they'd prevent us from saving on our OWN SD cards !

    PLEASE, stop trying to save all the IDIOTS from the Darwin Award at the expense of MASSIVE INCONVENIENCE to people with half a brain.


    Thank goodness this extenson was created by someone who gave a damn!
  • einfach spitze
  • Fially we can use All addons in our company! Because latest versions 60+ is garbage.

    No - Tab Group - WTF I will not use that old Window mode oh good. With Tab Groups I can hide groups and I see Firefox as one window. Users can backup all Tabs and Groups in 5 sec and then they go in work and they import all Tabs and Groups is few second. Using any software with one window is a lot easier then with few. Last if you have 4 Windows it will be saved only tabs from last closed window. Why will I be limited on 10 tabs if my computer can run 200 tabs. We are not in stone age any more. Browsers are just not made for new computers like others PC softwares.
    No - All-in-One Sidebar Sidebar
    No - Classic Theme Restorer
    - MultiRow For Tabs - This is the best feature! I using it from year when it was released maybe v3.6+! Now I can have 30 or 80 tabs and I can still see the pages name! My father can`t use browser without that he have avera 30+ tabs up to 60. In settings I can set how wide tab will be when are open 2-3 tabs + how wide will be tabs when I have a lot of tabs 1+ row. When row is full new row is open works with all themes, because is just duplicated same colore as default one row. We have now average 20"+ screens 3 rows is not a problem. I have it 24" and is just awesome
    Classic Theme Restorer
    Download Manager Tweak

    etc. now is just copy/paste IE from year 1995.

    They could moved older Addons on other site for users that are still using older Firefox Versions.
  • Excellent! I'm a Windows XP holdout for one of my old fav laptops. This fix works perfectly for Firefox 52 ESR. I have my add-ons back and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for going the extra mile for the older versions. I'm a Mozilla fan for life!
  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum

    Preview of Disabled Add-on Fix for Firefox 47 - 56
    Disabled Add-on Fix for Firefox 47 - 56 is not compatible with Firefox Quantum

    This extension will re-enable extensions that were disabled on May 3, 2019 for Firefox versions 47 - 56.
  • Cette extension fonctionne très bien avec la version 54.0b9 (32 bits): les add-ons installés peuvent à nouveau refonctionner (ils ne sont plus désactivés).
  • Seems to work for 56.0.
  • yes , 56.0.2 is mine, and not Quantum
  • I've been waiting for a fix EXACTLY like this. Which addresses a very specific issue for me: I just can't use the "regular" fix for the current Firefox. And why not, you may ask? Because unless AND until I can get ALL of my Add-ons to be Quantum-compatible, I will NOT update to it (so yes,I'm stuck on 56.0.2). I don't care about all the great things that Quantum is supposed to bring us; my Add-ons are SINGULARLY more important to me than all of that! After all, they constitute the primary reason why I stayed loyal to Firefox for more than a dozen years.

    So to be honest, Mozilla, you brought these things upon yourself. But to be fair, for this particular hotfix at least, you have my thanks.
  • bagus ne broo....
  • It works on Firefox 56. Brilliant! Thanks
  • I managed to hack the extensions.json file for the appDisabled and signedState variables for each extension- then had to copy and overwrite that file into my Firefox directory at least once a day when my extensions were automatically disabled. This fix has worked 100% in preventing any continued disabling of my extensions, and I haven't had to take any further action. I've long been using FF56 on Windows 7. I can't exactly say thank you after this nightmare, but am happy this is finally fixed. Hopefully Firefox can come back from this.