232 notes
  • Works fine on all sites which formely drove me crazy - like chip.de
  • Doesn't work, both Washington Post and Travel Advisor blow right past this app.
  • Not working in FF 70.0.1 (64-bit) on any of the multiple offenders' websites I have checked: MSN, Yahoo, CNN, etc... All videos autoplay as annoying usual.
  • Whitelist is shown in Options but can't be edited.
  • Doesn't prevent udemy.com from preloading every video.
  • Via on-off testing I have determined that my HP desktop will not awake from sleep mode if Firefox is running with this extension running.
  • Does not work
  • Doesn't work
  • Several issues with this addon that made me uninstall it:
    - It simply doesn't work for some news websites that autoplay HTML5 video.
    - The options menu displays a table of exceptions you've added, but it's always blank and can't be edited.
    - It doesn't have any way of adding global exceptions for things like Bandcamp, where each artist has a domain prefix you must allow manually to get tracks auto-advancing.
    - Most critically, this disables audio in many video conferencing web apps like Google Meet, and disabling the addon for them doesn't always work.
  • This plugin works where the built in firefox html 5 blocker does not (no matter how I configure it) which would normally mean 5 stars.

    However it also for some reason blocks web fonts. As a developer that is a big issue for me and as a developer I have no idea why this html5 blocker would prevent webfonts from loading.

    Because it works well 5 stars because it breaks websites fonts -3 stars
  • Great! Can you please make an option to block only video looping (separately from autoplay and preload)!!!??? You would save millions of users from crazy ads! :) This should be a must!
  • Niech Cię Bóg (wybierz sobie który) błogosławi za to rozszerzenie :)
  • I have to DISABLE or REMOVE this extension in order to allow preloading to occur. "Pause Autoplay" and "Disable Preloading" check boxes do not function for individual sites.
  • Stops annoying autoplay on Yahoo sites while none of the Firefox autoplay settings work (including Options, about:addons, about:config)
  • Doesn't seem to allow manually adding domains. Having to visit every domain individually is a pain. Not for me.
  • I'm glad to have this, to stop autoplay videos at Yahoo News. Unfortunately, it has no effect at YouTube, or many other media sites.
  • Doesn't work, unfortunately.
  • The extension works inconsistently.
  • Finalement un moyen efficace de bloquer les vidéos sur yahoo qui se lancent toutes seules, que ni le réglages du module Flash, ni le passage en "false" du media.autoplay.enabled dans l'about:config de Firefox ne géraient...
    Merci !
  • Works like a charm! Thanks