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  • Working as of 2019-09-21 Thank you ♥
  • 不适合
    Hey, could you tell me what doesn't work for you? As far as I can tell the extension still does it's job.
  • Works in Europe/Belgium
  • Es un add-on bueno cuando por temas de licencia no puedes ver anime en tu pais, es una alternativa a las VPN de pago, pero solo en Crunchyroll.com, no sirve en otras paginas.
  • It works!
  • i really like the idea of this add-on, but it doesn't work.
  • Happy to report that the un-blocker has started to work again (at least for me, I can't report for other users). HOPEFULLY it keeps working until the day that region restrictions become a thing of the past
    Wow, you are right. Seems to be working right now. Thanks for reporting this :D
  • Good night sweet prince, you served us so long.
  • Rest in peace CR-Unblocker, we had a great run. Thanks to the author for keeping the page updated.
  • IT's working!!!
    Sry, unfortunately this is not fixable. Crunchyroll blocked this method completely now, only way to see US Anime is using a VPN now.
  • Doesn't work anymore..
    Crunchyroll seems to have changed something on their side. Look at this Add-ons description for more info.
  • Es funktioniert leider nicht mehr. Die meisten Animes sind leider nicht mehr aufrufbar. Sobald es wieder funktioniert gibt es 5 Sterne, denn ich finde dieses Tool sehr gut und ist ein Muss.
    Leider scheint Crunchyroll nun weitere Überprüfungen zum Land des Nutzers durchzuführen. Ich habe in der Beschreibung dieser Erweiterung einen workaround beschrieben. Ist leider nicht optimal, aber zumindest etwas!