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  • Works for me in Europe
  • Working as of 2019-09-21 Thank you ♥
  • 不适合
    Hey, could you tell me what doesn't work for you? As far as I can tell the extension still does it's job.
  • Works in Europe/Belgium
  • Es un add-on bueno cuando por temas de licencia no puedes ver anime en tu pais, es una alternativa a las VPN de pago, pero solo en Crunchyroll.com, no sirve en otras paginas.
  • It works!
  • i really like the idea of this add-on, but it doesn't work.
  • Happy to report that the un-blocker has started to work again (at least for me, I can't report for other users). HOPEFULLY it keeps working until the day that region restrictions become a thing of the past
    Wow, you are right. Seems to be working right now. Thanks for reporting this :D
  • Good night sweet prince, you served us so long.
  • Rest in peace CR-Unblocker, we had a great run. Thanks to the author for keeping the page updated.
  • Was working smoothly until about a day ago. Now, every time I want to watch anything the page will keep reloading every 3 seconds so loading and watching videos is impossible. Please fix.
    Sry, unfortunately this is not fixable. Crunchyroll blocked this method completely now, only way to see US Anime is using a VPN now.