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When CookeSafe died people found Cookie Monster.
Now your extension beats Cookie Monster by functionality.

Or.. found something that is absent at your addon, compared with Cookie Monster. Thats 3rd party cookie view & control for current page.
Also would be great to manage DOM Storage, like Foundstone HTML5 Local Storage Explorer or old Storage Inspector.
Most of popular websites store spydata using this new-style LocalStorage

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.3.1-signed).  Cet utilisateur a 2 critiques précédentes de ce module.

DOM Storage should be in there (from v.1.2 onwards I think) The permissions are basically as for cookies, and the tooltips will flag up any differences. On the browse menus you should see local and session storage items if there are any. It isn't as slick as I'd like but Firefox support for accessing DOM storage from an addon is very poor.