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one of the best PlugIns ever made!but what is not working correct is when performig a search from the URL-bar and lots of searchengines are installed and you have to pick up the one(s) in the lower or upper middle (the ones which aren't seen until you scroll) scrolling with the mousewheel performs an immediate jump to the upper or lower end of the list and scrolling up or down one by one with the mousewheel is IMPOSSIBLE. the only way to scroll to the needed searchengine(s) then is clicking on the dir-up and dir-down arrows on the list end(s).this behaviour is only when performig a search from the URL-bar - not when performing a search from the website and it is very annoying.so here is a suggestion:could you please make the behaviour the same as performing a search from the website?so that the mousewheel even works on an URL-bar-search too?then it would be perfect.i normally would give 5 stars and will give when this misbehaviour will be fixed.

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