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I am sorry I wasn't clear enough earlier. I had already added mobile wikipedia to Context peek before I wrote the previous review.

What I intended to say was that if you add either mobile wikipedia or a text only preview of wikipedia alongwith ctrl+Rclick hotkey, yours will be the fastest yet the most unobtrusive preview addon available.

I use Interclue too which is fast,but I have to put up with a hovering icon everywhere. Similiar problems exist with Cool previews. Your addon could be the best of them all if you incorporate the features I have suggested while keeping the context menu entry you already have. The context menu will also be useful if one wants to add more than 3 search engines(assuming you enable 3 hotkeys for Ctrl/Alt/Shift+Rclick).

Your addon is the least obtrusive of them all, but the context menu is not my preferred way to launch a preview pane.It just takes longer than gesture or hotkey based launch methods. Also, it clutters our already cluttered context menu.

You really seem to know how to build a good addon, that is why I wrote to you. Your addon has potential - Go for it!

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Gotcha! Thanks for the detail. Definitely, I'll consider adding hotkeys to save clicks if it makes life easier...