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Thanks for the great addon:

There are a few features which will make it a complete addon.
1. This is what the WikiLook addon does: On Ctrl+RClick on a word, it opens a wikipedia preview pane. On Alt+RClick on a word, it opens a dictionary preview pane. On Shift+RClick on a word, it opens a google preview pane.
2. To speed up the addon, you can give us the option of enabling Text only preview panes.
3. For the wikipedia preview, it will be better if instead of, you use the address, which is the mobile version of wikipedia. Being lesser in size, it will open much quicker.

If you incorporate the above features, which I think should be fairly easy), your addon, will get miles ahead of the competition (WikiLook, Cool preview, Wiktionary and Google search, Interclue).

If you need any help testing the addon, let me know.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.3.1-signed.1-signed). 

Thanks a lot for your time and review!
Indeed, having hotkeys or gesture clicks are always very useful. I shall consider these for the future updates.

For the point #3 in your review, you can go ahead and add a mobile version of the Wiki menu in the configure context peek window. I just tried the following URL configurations work fine and loads faster and consumes lesser bandwidth too:

Also you can click on "Learn More" link to see if you can add any other useful context peek items from the list.